Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Tracking Food and Exercise

Totals 745 43 51 36
Your Daily Goal 1,846 138 61 184
Remaining 1,101 95 10 148

Calories Carbs Fat Protein

Totals 1,026 68 44 52
Your Daily Goal 1,264 94 42 126
Remaining 238 26 -2 74

Calories Carbs Fat Protein

I have been using the last couple days. I love it - I love that I am ready to track my eating, one of my very most least favoritest activities in the world. I have battled this every time I tried Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, etc. I'm a "wing it" kind of girl. You see how well that works for me, hahaha.

Anyway, I like the tracker. Above are my summaries for the last couple days. I am perplexed by the "net calories" recommendation. I put in a goal of 600 calories/day. When I exercise, it "gives" me extra calories I am urged to eat that day - and still lose weight! I have a hard time believing I should eat 1800 calories today. It is all quite overwhelming.

Today, I did fall short of the 60 grams of protein I am supposed to get. I was going to drink a protein shake, but my calories are already a little high at 745 and I am trying to keep myself out of the kitchen because the grissini breadsticks are calling my name. "Oooooo, have some crunchy carbs! It's bedtime, you know you're hungry!" ;)

OMG - my landlord - the wife this time, called me this morning to tell me they would not let me out of my lease early and will not let me rent month to month until I find something. Basically reversed everything her husband said last week. You can imagine my stress level is through. the. roof. I need to find a house - soon - but not too soon, exactly the right soon, and even though the market is super competitive, I need to be the one chosen to rent the perfect house. Please.


  1. I love myfitnesspal! I downloaded the app to my phone and it realllly helps me :) Its definitely helping me as I have started on my pre op diet this week and need to keep an eye on fats and carbs.

    Sorry about the renting situation, I hope you figure things out and find a nice house right when you need to.

  2. I hear ya on the renting situation. The market ia super. Competitive right now because of how cheaper everything is!
    Im going to have to try that app! I've been looking for something like that!

  3. We are about the same weight and I use the BodyBugg program it wants me to eat 1800 - I usually eat around 1600-1700 as that feels right. I also figure it gives me the patting if I calculate something wrong.

  4. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that you find just the right place at the right time! I manage rental properties in Eugene, Oregon so if you decide to look a bit to the south, let me know :)

  5. Thanks all! The home situation will turn out okay, I think. I will be nervous about it until it is resolved. Unfortunately, our market is going up, not down! Rents have climbed compared to when I looked a couple years ago, and the inventory is low. Very frustrating! Amanda - I love Eugene! But my kids don't even want to move off this little tiny hill we're on, they (or my ex) won't go for Oregon, haha.

    Jen - I have my follow up appointment w/ my surgeon 5/17 - I can't wait to check in with him and see what he thinks. I'm sticking under a 1000, which is per plan. Once I have been using myfitnesspal for awhile, I'm going to bring it to the nutritionist and see what she thinks.

  6. Oh my, I've never been able to track anything. lol. I'm gonna check out the site though...if only for research purposes :)