Monday, April 4, 2011

Skirting 50

I've lost 49.99999999 pounds. :) I am not calling the 50 pound mark yet because, well, I'm just that teensy bit off. I did, however, come out at work on Friday with a 50-pound loss, because some poor unfortunate friend had the misfortune to ask how much I've lost, and the fifty pound milestone was bubbling underneath the very, very surface, I guess! "FIFTY POUNDS!" I blurted.

Then, it must be 1.5-2 weeks later because of course I started spotting again - I think my hormones are OUTTA WHACK since the surgery. And my weight bounced up two pounds (I called that the "two pounds for lying" penalty, haha). And today, I'm back down to a mere fraction away from my milestone. Tomorrow, perhaps.

Today begins "Hell Week." Okay, maybe not that bad! My friend and I are going to run the stairs twice a day, so 2x400 stairs. We have already completed our morning workout. My incentive was not allowing myself to go get breakfast until I did it, haha.

Now, my buddy is out of the office on Wednesday and Friday, so those will be tough days. Will I make myself do the stair runs both days without her? YES I WILL! I was sort of planning on skipping them. She said she will try to work out at home, so I sort of half committed to myself to do the stairs without her. Then I read my friend 23imaginaryfriend's blog and she ran her first ever 15 miles the other day, even after her friend had to cancel at the last minute. Oh jeez. I guess I can hold myself accountable for working out, too. Pout. Stomp.

Next week, I have a lofty goal in mind. No elevators. Well - some elevators. I ride a lot of elevators. Parking garage to lobby, lobby to mid-building, mid-building to office. The lobby ride is from the 4th to 40th floors - we won't cut that one out, not for awhile, anyway. But I could cut out the parking garage elevator and the elevator to my floor, and give myself quite a stairclimbing boost. We'll see. That's what I have in mind, anyway.

This weekend, I took the kids on a whale watching tour. We had a great day! It was a verrrry long day, however, in the cold and rain. Five hours on the boat, two hours in a tiny town for lunch. We did get to see gray whales on the way back to Seattle. My first whale sightings! Great day with the kids. At one point, though, my five year old was running around on the boat with two other five year olds (I intentionally signed up for the Single Parents Trip through, so there were lots of young kids on board.) I went to go after my son, but BOTH my feet had gotten looped under my daughter's bag strap on the floor. It was like my feet had been yanked out from under me. I went down straight and hard, like a tree. Loud. In the middle of the aisle, in the middle of a packed boat. It was not my finest moment. I was terribly embarrassed.You never want to be a fat chick who just fell. Bad enough if you're a skinny bitch who fell like I did, but as a fat chick, the embarrassment has to be amped up on the scale exponentially.

Anyway, I made a good recovery, was back on my feet in no time, smiling, and did not even kill my kid for running away. And at least I was fifty pounds 49.999999999 pounds less embarrassed by it than I would have been in January. :)

p.s. - I am millimeters away from being able to fit into my size 14 pants. Well, maybe not millimeters, but close.

p.p.s. - Hi to all my readers and "followers" :) I love followers, I love following blogs (a little too much, actually, just ask my browser history). I notice that I have "23 imaginary friends," too! (That's the genesis of my friend's blog title - she calls blog buddies imaginary friends.) If you're a blogger and you're not on my list (it shows the 25 most recently updated blogs), by all means, let me know! I'd love to read yours!

p.p.p.s - Yay, we did both stair work outs today! Our AM time was 8:14, and our PM time was 7:58. This is great, considering we weren't going for time and we are still down significantly from last Monday's time of 8:58, when we were going for speed! We decided our Friday fastest time of 6:55 was too fast to shoot for right now, we're going to work on distance/endurance for awhile.

p.p.p.p.s - I should just graph our stair climbing times instead of geeking out about them all over the blog, haha.


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog today. I always enjoy it, but today seemed like...more. Not sure if it's because of you or me. Anyway, thought I'd share that! =)

  2. Come on 50lbs and size 14! You can do it!!!

  3. I love the *pout, stomp* bit. I do that all the time, and my husband warns me our future kids are gonna do the SAAAME thing. ;)
    I'm RIGHT behind you on the 50 lb mark. I was at 78, and it went back to 47.....SOON though!!!
    Congrats, and keep it up!

  4. Oh, thank you for the nice comments, ladies! :) You just make me smile! Ordinary Girl - I am noticing I am feeling just much better in general in life these days, maybe it's coming through in my writing! I am just feeling healthy and satisfied with my efforts, and like my body and spirit are coming back to life. Thank you!

  5. I love how you make the stairs sound like a track workout--very cool 2x400!! Love it!

    And, so cool that you have 23 imaginary friends. I never thought I'd have more than that, but you never know how this blogging thing will go!

    So very proud of you and your commitment this week. If you blog that you are going to do it, you will!

  6. Yay! All those things are so exciting! Way to rock your sleeve!