Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mwah-ha-ha Size 12!

I picked up some jeans today at Costco - I got the size 14 and *hoped* they would fit, since the other size 14s um, well, if not *fit* exactly, at least I was able to get them on. So I got home with my new jeans, put them on, and...gasp...I need a size 12! Wowsa!

I also bought two cute pairs of boots while I was out and about today. I'm strictly a tennis shoes kind of girl, specifically a Keen tennies girl. But I am feeling better, and prettier, and girlier, so I decided to go for cute boots with low heels.

Now, just to wear them. :) I will have to remember to bring my tennies to work so I can still do my stair runs. Maybe changing into my Keens will make me so happy, I'll be excited to run the stairs!


  1. Size 12 - YOU ROCK! That is awesome!!!

    I did the stairs one day last week...maybe I can work up to 2 days this week.

  2. That is AWESOME! Congratulations!