Monday, April 11, 2011

Three Month Post-Op Pics and Thoughts

Wow, three months already! So exciting! I feel fantastic. As far as recovery/lasting effects from surgery go, I feel pretty darn normal. I can eat mostly anything. My no-nos thus far have been ice cream, hard liquor, carbonated beverages, most, but not all dairy. I am fine giving up these things, although I would say giving up pop has been the biggest challenge. There are lots of times where I just want an ice cold diet coke. Too bad, so sad! Ain't happening.

My body feels totally great and I don't feel any physical effects from the surgery, and haven't for quite some time. On Friday, I bowled for the first time post-op, plus I did yoga last week and these are both twisty/turny activities that involve the stomach/gut area. I didn't think a thing of it. I pronounce myself fully healed!

Eating-wise, I am learning that I still need to confront the same demons I did pre-op. Nighttime eating and crunchy carbs (breadsticks, popcorn, goldfish crackers) continue to be a real challenge for me when they are around. That's the good part - it's when they are around. I continue to teach myself to not let them be around. :)

I'm also working on my thought patterns. I have a lot of "until I'm down to goal weight," "when I'm at goal weight," and "to get me to goal weight" thoughts:

- I will start dating when I get closer to goal weight
- I will run the stairs to get me to goal weight faster
- I am upping my activity to make me lose weight
- etc.

I'm all for having goals, but I'm trying not to let myself fall into a pattern of thinking I am released to my old habits once I get to a weight I'm satisfied with. This. is. for. life. A woman posted online today about being five years post-op and at some point having regained 100 of the 200+ pounds she lost (which I think she subsequently lost again). That really struck a chord with me. Get sloppy and you will lose the hard work you've put into this. I do not want to go down that path again!

Anyway. Here's pics. Yay!!

This one is fun, too, because it shows each month side by side, but I would need to do some formatting to get the sizes/heights right to see a good comparison. Still fun to look at.

p.s. It's hard to see, but I have a mole (errr, beauty mark) that is almost right at the v-neck of the shirt. I like looking at how much the fit of the shirt has changed by seeing that mole start out right at the hem of the shirt, and now the shirt falls inches below that! 


  1. WOW! Hitting the big 50 is awesome! You look terrific Julie!

  2. Wow!Looking good. Keep taking pictures. They are so important to the process.

  3. psst - I think your pretty awesome and tagged you in a post -

  4. WOW you look amazing. You look so much more vibrant! Very inspiring julie!