Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cage-Free, Hormone-Free, Free-Julie

Okay, in the tiny townhouse, I still sort of feel caged! But I am hormone free, and IUD-free. Do you want me to tell you I went to the doctor, or do you want me to tell you I yanked that sucker myself? Believe whatever makes you most comfortable. :)

At any rate, thus begins the saga of trying to notice a difference in a hormone-laden, versus an added-hormone-free, uterus. My weight this morning was 210.2, I was only spotting the tiniest bit. Hmm, what else should I track? Mood-wise, I have been feeling really great these days. Dang, exercise is good for me. I feel downright giddy, lots of times. I have been tearing up my facebook page with the most ridiculous (and even risque!) of comments, and being quite the little chatterbox. It feels good to feel good. I hope I don't drive away all my friends with my goofiness. :)

Hmm, mid-section weight and bloating. I will measure my waist, hips and big gut. We'll see how much difference I see in the coming weeks and months.

Oh heck, we'll go ahead and do all the measurements, it looks like it's been awhile.

Dates (1/11/11, 2/26/11, 4/21/11)
Waist 49.5, 44.5, 42.5
Big jelly belly --, --, 48
Hips 49, 43, 42.5
Left arm 17.25, 15.5, 15
Right arm 16.5, 16, 15
Left thigh 27.25, 25, 23.5 (thank you, stairclimbing!)
Right thigh 28, 26, 24
Left calf 18, 16.5, 17 ?
Right calf 18, 16.5, 17 ?
Neck --, 15.75, 15
Around breasts --, 50, 46.5
Under breasts --, 40.5, 38
Anyway, I'm off to yoga class in just a few - I will coddle my wrist and see what I can do without further injury!

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  1. RIP Free Julie's ta-ta's. Doesn't that suck?

    You are a shadow of your former self!