Monday, April 25, 2011

Workout Plan for the Week / Recap of Last Week

Last week:
Sunday - 90 minutes vinyasa yoga, making up for last week
Monday - 40 flights in a row = 800 stairs
Tuesday - 800 contiguous stairs :)
Wednesday - 800 stairs
Thursday - 800 stairs, 90 minutes vinyasa yoga
Friday - 5x240 stairs (was by myself that day)
Saturday - nada

This week:
Monday - 800 stairs
Tuesday - 800 stairs
Wednesday - 800 stairs, 1 hour deep water aerobics
Thursday - 800 stairs, 90 min vinyasa yoga
Friday - 800 stairs

I'm struggling with the evening classes on nights I have the kids. I think I will think of the classes as a way to get my butt motivated, but not a long-term workout plan for me. As it stands, I am missing half the water aerobic classes, it is just not worth the expense! Oh well, live and learn. I am enjoying the classes and getting a lot out of them when I can make it.

My weight is 210.3, so I am holding steady. I am experiencing what I found online is called the "Mirena Crash," effects of removing the IUD. I'm glad I took it out - I guess I must be very sensitive to the hormones. On Saturday, I felt very weepy out of the blue - just driving home, in the sun. I have been super, super tired and unmotivated this weekend. I'm glad to get back to work to force my butt to keep moving. Basically, this weekend, I adhered to my plans: movie with a friend Saturday, "9 to 5" theater performance yesterday. Other than that, my butt was stuck to the couch.

And eating. My appetite has been out of control - I am really struggling with nighttime eating, and eating to overfullness. I am not sure why I am so hard-wired to do this! I always struggle with nighttime eating, but since the IUD removal I think the hormones play into it a bit. I have been wanting CHOCOLATE, and sweets. I almost never crave chocolate or even sweets. The battle makes me very unhappy, because it's my same old patterns, albeit on a much different scale. But I will eat to fullness, have regret, then allow some time to pass and eat again. Last night it was salami and crispy breadsticks, then later artichoke hearts. It's not *what* I'm eating, or how much (since I really can't eat much). What upsets me is the a) feeling of loss of control, b) repeating behaviors that made me obese, c) eating when not hungry - I think it's emotional, but I can't figure out what emotion is driving it (e.g. no particular terrible things going on).

Still bleeding heavily - I *pray* this doesn't go on for six weeks like last time. I genuinely feel like I've been on my period since I had my surgery. I am utterly exhausted with it. I have gotten lax with taking my pills and my vitamins and I need to get back on it! I don't think it's a coincidence that I am feeling so tired and run down. Or, if it is all related to the IUD, for instance, if I were taking the damn pills, at least I would know that for sure!

Oh - on a good note, I was largely impervious to Easter candy this year! :) There are a couple that are a major weakness for me, but I didn't pay them no mind this year, and I'm glad for it!


  1. - Night time eating is tough - things that I do to avoid it, brush my teeth, settle in with a large glass of water or just avoid the kitchen if I can...go upstairs and stay away. :) I think its one thing many of us face.

    - Minera Crash sounds terrible, but I do notice my weight change when I take out the Nuva Ring each month...its crazy what those hormones will do to your body.

  2. Julie, I totally understand how you feel about the nighttime eating. All week I've been tempted by a box of matzoh crackers. Although I've eaten completely in moderation and had protein first at every meal, I've thought about those crackers more than is healthy, and I wish I no longer had those obsessive thoughts.

  3. Hi Julie, I just found your blog through Sandy's blog, Losing Pounds And Gaining...Me.

    I had the Lap Band Surgery on Nov 19th, 2009 (17 months ago), and I have only lost 58 lbs so far! In hind sight, I feel that I should have taken my Surgeon's advice and had the Bypass or the Sleeve done. So, if I have complications and had to have the Band removed, I would probably opt for the Gastric Sleeve.

    I will be very interested to see how you and other VSG patients do. Especially since I have had some problems, and I feel like I will be having further Surgery in the future...