Saturday, April 23, 2011

Nest Stress

Ah, you know it was a tough week - not getting that house we wanted. So imagine how my stress level shot up when I saw my own *current* townhouse that I *actually live in now* listed on craigslist yesterday! OMG.

Apparently, my landlord did not get my message or text that I did not get the house. They listed the condo on craigslist - for more than $100/month than I pay now. I called him in a panic yesterday afternoon. He said they won't rent it from underneath me, they were sure I got the house (gave the other landlord glowing references). The ad says available June 1st. Thank God I'm on a lease until 6/30 - I am just panicked over the prospect of losing this place before I have found another in the neighborhood.

The landlord says they want to test the waters to see if they get any calls at the higher rent. It seems too high, to me. I don't think they'll get it.

Stress, stress, stress. I was going to spend the day playing in the sun, but I hadn't formulated an actual plan. Instead, I guess I'll do some spring cleaning and move-prep.

Hey, as far as removing the Mirena IUD. It came out Thursday morning. This morning I woke up with my period with a vengeance. A vengeance, I tell you. Hopefully this won't last long, but last time it was a good six weeks. I am using my "iPeriod" app on iPhone to track what's going on. That's a great little app, I tell you! My weight is 210.6. No, really, body, it doesn't hurt my feelings that I am exercising like a mad woman without losing weight - I climbed twelve flights of stairs five times yesterday! Plus yoga and water aerobics and, and, and...

No, it doesn't hurt my feelings. Really. Hrumph. It seems very important to my body that I lose five pounds, then hang out at that weight for a couple weeks, then lose another five pounds, etc. I don't know if I'm sabotaging myself with food (it was kind of a rough eating week, with my sulky bagel bites the night I didn't get the house, and over-snacking at a friend's house last night). At any rate, I'm working on it and will continue to push for results. I am not amused to be doing all this exercise and not dropping pounds - I will find the key to making it work for me.


  1. I hate when my body messes with me like that! So hate it! I have been there so many times - you will overcome it and the weight WILL come off.

  2. I know I've been stuck for a couple of weeks now, but I'm honestly used to it. I am NEVER going to be someone that shows a loss every week, no matter how small. My body loses a few and waits a few weeks, then we start all over again. The only difference between now and 6 months ago is that I don't freak out everytime the scale stops.

    I would, however, have freaked out about seeing MY place for rent (and higher rent to boot!) Glad you talked to the LL about what is going on, but still not a good feeling, I'm sure. Hang in there!