Thursday, April 21, 2011


I'm so glad I went to yoga tonight. Yes, my wrist hurts like a mf'er, but I had a great time. The instructor told me (after class, when I talked to him) how to modify some poses. I am quickly remembering how much and why I used to love practicing yoga so much. It is very peaceful, it feels very satisfying to get into some of these poses, and it feels good to know you are doing them better than you did the time before.

Back in the day, before my spinal fusion, I used to do quite a bit of yoga. Then I had my spinal fusion and I scared myself off it. I'm glad to be getting into it again. Back then, I set some milestone for myself (attending however many classes) and when I completed it, I bought myself a toe ring. That toe ring always made me smile - I was working very hard at my practice. I'm thinking about earning myself a toe ring again. :)

Anyway, tonight I did the wheel pose - amazing! I had to grab my instructor's ankles, like so. But this pose pretty much addressed every fear and vulnerability I have when it comes to yoga: 1) hurting my spinal fusion, 2) being too fat to lift my weight, 3) looking foolish, 4) hurting my wrist (it did, haha). And I did it anyway!!

I straightened my arms all the way, so I probably looked like a cross between that picture and this one:
Probably, at least in my mind, I looked almost exactly like the P90X girl on the beach. :) Anyway, I am feeling very pleased for going and for doing so well. (Thanks for the nudge, Kim, I'm so glad you did! xoxo)


  1. Ha! So glad you went. You are so smart to talk to your instructor to figure all this out.

    Oh, and, I don't do wheel. P90X has a modified pose, bridge, where you just go up on your shoulders. I am very impressed that you do wheel (which is a back bend, don't ya know?)

  2. Wow, you are quite the exercise queen! I am trying yoga for the first time next week and am very nervous, so I enjoy reading each yoga post!