Thursday, January 6, 2011

Setting Fun Goals

I have been thinking today about goals I'd like to set for myself. I'm very gold-star oriented. :) So it will behoove me to have some fun goals in mind to mark my progress. I'll have to figure out a cute way of tracking them on the blog, too!

I am 63 inches tall and we're calling 263 my starting weight. It's a bit less than that now, but it has fluctuated, so I'm just picking a starting point!

Ideas so far:

- Weight limit of a Little Giant ladder (250 pounds)
- 25 pounds lost (238 pounds)
- 10% of body weight lost (236.7 pounds)
- Less than 100 pounds to lose (227.5 pounds)
- Passing from "Extremely Obese" to "Obese" (less than 40 BMI) (225 pounds)
- Weight limit to ride a burro into the Grand Canyon (220 pounds)
- 50 pounds (213 pounds)
- Breaking the two hundred pound barrier (199.9 pounds)
- BMI less than 35 (out of "Obesity Class II") (197 pounds)
- 75 pounds lost (188 pounds)
- Surgeon's Goal: 65% Excess Weight Lost (183 pounds)
- Reaching my driver's license weight (180 pounds)
- Passing from "obesity" to "overweight" (169 pounds)
- 100 pounds lost! (163 pounds)
- Beat the Surgeon's Goal 85% Excess Weight Lost (158.5 pounds)
- A buck and a half (150 pounds)
- Weight limit to ride a Razor scooter (143 pounds)
- Passing from "overweight" to "normal" BMI (140.5 pounds)
- Reaching goal weight (128 pounds)*

*So, I have to pick a goal weight, and I can't remember the last time I weighed anywhere in the 120s. I was trying to pick a number, and I decided, in honor of my good friend and motivator Kim, I would pick a BMI of '23,' her favorite number since the beginning of time, I think, or from her high school basketball jersey, at least!


  1. Would you believe blogger just ate my comment? Crap, starting over...
    Thanks for the shout out! 23 BMI here you come. And, yes, 23 was my basketball number.
    Also, when you start running, you can race as an Athena (special category) until you get under 150. I look forward to weighing less than 150, so when I race Athena, I know I'm a liar!
    Oh, 3 more days (Happy Birthday early!). They're playing a big football game in your honor on Monday, you know!

  2. I wrote a comment on your blog this morning, too - probably same time! But I was doing it from my phone, and then it was trying to make me log into Google, but flash doesn't work on Google, so I can't see the little word test you make me take to post!

    Yes, you were #23 - I knew this, because Jeremy Sloane was, too, and I adored me some Jeremy Sloane. :)

  3. Adored you, too, but my love for him was much less pure. ;)

  4. We all adored Jeremy Sloane...ah, funny high school memories!

    Why do you have your $ saved in pounds on your smoking sidebar thingy? Heading to England, missy?

  5. Laugh - I googled him, I had no idea - maybe you did? He's an Air Force pilot! Of course. Suits him very well and he looks fantastic, too. Still looks like a super nice guy, as well.

  6. Oh! That silly counter! It calculates in $$s, but something is wacky with the settings. It is set to $s but displays in pounds. Can't fix it! Twelve weeks today, yay me!

  7. This is a good idea! Great way to celebrate all the milestones you reach along the way to your goal.