Thursday, April 21, 2011

Giving the Girls a Lift - and Me, Too!

Okay, what's better than a long walk in the sunshine with a great friend, and a little shopping thrown in? Definitely good to take a long lunch and rejuvenate the spirit. Plus, we went to Nordstrom, where I was fitted and got myself a new bra! New bra days are always happy, uplifting days!

And yay, I'm a 38G! Haha, well, yeah to the 38 part - even my last bra that I bought was a 40H, and I had to eek myself into that. So that was...a month and a half ago. I remember I had just bought my new bra right before my two month surgery anniversary date. Yay me! Plus, the Nordstrom lady said I'd be a 38F in any other brand, but this brand ran bigger. It's the brand that starts with a "W," I always want to say "Wachovia," but I think that's a bank. I always buy that brand when I get bras at Nordstrom, even though I also buy bras at Lane Bryant.

At my thinnest, I was a 32C - a very full C. The Nordstrom lady congratulated me on my weight loss and preserving the fullness and roundness of my boobies, haha. I am hoping to regain the full C size again - I have great breasts, but holy kamoly they are big and heavy!

So this was a fun shopping trip. We went to the Gap, where I very very nearly fit a cute XL top, but I didn't buy it. It was close - my friend and I agreed I could actually wear it now, but it was not an ideal fit. And I usually wear my tops pretty loose, anyway. I'll wait until I can fit into the regular store sizes cleanly before I start shelling out the dough.

Oh, since today's payday, I set up next month's rent to electronically transfer and stashed $500 in another account to start practicing for the higher rent.


  1. Ooh, a stash account. Whoever suggested that was brilliant I tell ya, just brilliant.

    Oh, my strapless bra (from Nordstrom, love the ladies that fit you there) when I got married was a 34G. I told S, and he said, "G, as in oh my God?". Yep, can't wait until you are all the way down to FF with moi.

  2. I surround myself with brilliant friends, Kim, it means that I have to work that much less harder! :)