Sunday, April 10, 2011

New Britches - and a Giveaway (Completely Unrelated to My Underwear)

Tomorrow is my three month post-op date, so I am looking forward to comparing my before/during photos. But this is a good one, too. :) I had taken to rolling my granny panties up in order to keep them from riding the middle of my back. But this weekend (uh, little bit of shopping this weekend - new jeans, new boots, new undies, new yoga clothes...) I decided to go buy some pretty Victoria's Secret! Look at me, shopping at the regular girls' stores, woo hoo!

Anyway, here's a fun before and after, and if this is too personal for you, just be glad I didn't post a pic of me wearing them. ;)

And, hey! Check out Runner...Maybe's giveaway  over at Jen's blog. She has some super-cute earrings from an Etsy site to give away. Hurry up, the drawing is at 9 a.m. PST on 4/15! (I am not charging extra for the shout out on the giveaway in my panties post, hahaha.) Jen's blog is also a great read for those of us on the weight loss track - I have found it so inspirational! Jen's lost 85 pounds and is an actual runner now! :) Unfathomable for someone like me who is an expert couch potato...but as I emerge from this dark cloud of obesity, I am just so excited at all the things I can do. Run? Maybe.


  1. Thanks for posting! I feel honored to be in your underwear post! That is somthing I so need to do I am still rocking my 18/20s - they are so big on me.

  2. oh I am scared to go in VS, I was looking online - I so need to get over it and head into the store.

  3. Going into VS is a real "just hold my head high" place for me. It helps that I take my daughter (?!) shopping there, so I am a bit more comfortable now. Just keep your chin up, walk through the front of the store past the teeny-bopper greeters at the door, and head to the back where they keep the real underwear, not the stuff that says "HELLO THERE" and "COME VISIT SOON" (SRSLY...OMG). But don't forget to stop and admire the Swarovski Crystal encrusted bra...cuz every girl needs one!

    I bought XLs and, as I will not shut up about, am wearing 14s in pants. They fit great, as a frame of reference. I refused to expose myself to the toothpick salesgirl by asking the open-ended question, "what size do you think I'd wear?" bahahaha

  4. Julie thanks for the laugh this morning, you always make me smile. Love the VS shopping trip, and love the cute new boots. Booyah!

  5. You always make me laugh lol. You're too much!

    YAY for shopping