Monday, May 2, 2011

Jump Around

Edited to add:

You have got to be kidding me.

Rainy Monday! Yesterday was glorious in Seattle, and the kids and I took full advantage of it. We stopped at Subway for a picnic lunch, then made it to the zoo before 11 a.m. and spent the day. Then we went home and barbequed in the sun! Excellent day.

Today, it's rainy and dark, and at least 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. Ah, Seattle. How I love to love thee, and hate thee, too. When you are good, you are very, very good, but when you are bad, you are awful.

I did well with my exercise last week. I neglected to copy over last week's plan before I started this post, but I did the stairs every day, I did deep water aerobics and yoga. I will call the week a smashing success!

This week, the plan is pretty much the same. Stairs, water aerobics, yoga. Oh shoot, my ex is out of town, so I have the kids. The likelihood of the evening classes working out is actually quite slim, I just realized. No child-free nights this week!

Regarding the living situation. I decided last night to sign another lease at my condo. This house-hunting is draining. There is no inventory, it is so stinking competitive, and I am not feeling like a contender. There was one ass-ugly (from the outside) house in my neighborhood that was out of my price range. Inside, it was quite nice - 4 bdr, all hardwoods, very much what I was looking for. I was scheduled for the second of two mass showings. They canceled the second showing because they got so many applications during the first. Also, a 3-bdr in my condo complex (all individually owned, thus no ability to "get on a list.") became available. It was ridiculously expensive. I went to look at it - it was awful. The most claustrophobic floor plan, with bizarre use of space.

Anyway. I called my landlord this morning and told him I'd sign another lease. There is a curious development. He wants to continue with plans to show my condo to a woman tomorrow night. She rents a home just a couple blocks away, but only has one kid and wants to downsize, while still staying in the immediate neighborhood. My landlord, as it turns out, knows the owner of the house she rents. They have been talking - perhaps a tenant-swap is in the works! All I know of the place is that it is at least three bedrooms and only a block or so from the elementary school. Those are two big pluses, right there. The other home currently rents for $1650/mo - my landlord told the other guy that I can't pay more than $1600 (ha, negotiating rent on my behalf, I love it). We'll see. Tomorrow, he will show my condo, and I will get more info about this house. If it works out, it is an amazing happy coincidence. I am hopeful, but trying not to get my hopes up: there are so many variables that come into play here.

If not, I'll just sign another lease. Put away money, have a lease expire early next spring and get into the market early and with great vigor. Now, my spirit is pretty beaten up over the whole process. Last night, I drove the kids by a cute house that is out of our immediate neighborhood. My 5th grader could finish at his school next year, but my kindergartner would have to switch schools. My middle schooler would stay at the same school. "Kids," I said, "I think our options are go for this house, or stay in the condo another year." They both resoundingly said they'd rather stay in our condo, in the same neighborhood (little guy was crashed out from the zoo, so he didn't get a vote).

We'll see. On other fronts, I am glad I'm tracking my eating on I would characterize yesterday's eating as a train wreck, but looking at it online shows me it was only a fender bender! Calorie count less than 1000. Not too much damage in fats or carbs. I need to be more forgiving of myself - the website tracker is helping me see when I'm doing really good, and that my "bad" is not as terrible as I let myself believe. That will be a helpful tool in fully understanding the effects of food on my body, especially as I transition more into maintenance (which is not anytime soon, hahaha).

I'm so glad I took out the IUD. In general, I just feel better. I am making a conscience effort to not yell at the kids - trying to break the habit so I can see how much is habit and how much is relieved by correcting the hormone situation. I just don't *feel* like yelling - I don't feel as impatient or short-tempered. It is cRaZy to think that this might have been an external force this whole time. (Not wholly, of course, but I mean in a general sense.) The fairly immediate drop of five pounds in the week following its removal did not go unnoticed, either.

Oy, that "Jump Around" song by House of Pain has been stuck in my head since I read some reference to it last night. Now maybe it will be in yours, too! With love, from Julie. :)


  1. Haha, fender bender at 1000 calories.

    At lunch today, I was unwilling to share my Chipotle chips with Scott. He looked up at their calorie board and let me know in no uncertain terms that I didn't need all of the 1200 calories in my lunch (steak tacos and chips).

    It's weird to think you ate less in a whole day than I ate for lunch and are unhappy with yourself. It really puts into perspective (for me) how serious you are with this weight loss...

  2. Serious as a heart attack. :) Haha, the first thing that popped into my head. Yep, I'm working hard (the sleeve makes it much easier because while my choices remain my own, the sleeve stands by ready to enforce the quantity of anything, haha) - I want this to be for real and for good!

  3. So wait, you can't do the stairs during lunch anymore? I thought of you the other day as quickly jaunted up 6 flights of stairs to see my OB (and no he didn't have to yank anything, just my annual pap) and I thought to myself "Julie likes this?" This does not seem fun. Don't get me wrong, I think it is GREAT exercise...just not really a big fan of stairwells in general.

    Best of luck with the house situation, keeping my fingers crossed that the swap would that would be awesome (provided you liked her place!)

  4. What you can't walk the stairwell - that totally blows!!! Maybe when the weather starts to get better you can walk around the block at work.

    Hopefully your housing situation will work out for the best.

  5. Well that sucks about the stair climbing. Boo!

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