Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fifty Big Ones!

Yay! I won't wax poetic about this milestone, since I'm still feeling pretty fat and bloaty today...but still, yay!

I'm back at work today and happy to report I did do my morning stair run by myself. I forgot to bring my phone to time it, and I wonder if I went faster? Seems like I paused more, but my legs were awfully wobbly when I was done, making me wonder if I had worked harder. Anyway, I was just glad to get it in, because, as I had feared - I was just downright procrastinatey about doing it, knowing my buddy isn't here today. I'm a wiley one - got to watch me because I'll look for any opportunity to bail on exercising. But I'm trying to change that. :)

Bummer - I will have to miss water aerobics tonight, and I'm not sure about tomorrow, either. Having the kids' dad out of town is clashing with my newfound devotion to exercise. (Newfound, and still feels quite foreign on my tongue/brain/fingertips to attribute to myself, haha.) I will also have to miss my WLS support group at the hospital - this is a bummer, as I have only missed a couple since I started attending at the end of September last year. I don't like to miss them, but do feel it's okay to wean down to one meeting a month at some point now. Usually they are very useful to me, sometimes they are not so relevant, but I like the people there. 

I have an evening activity schedule in mind for myself, but it is complicated and requires my free evenings when the kids are with their dad. I'm trying to balance not wanting to short-shrift my time with the kids, and making my health/weight loss a priority in order to be the best me (and by consequence, best mom) that I can.

Mon - deep water aerobics (requires babysitter) 
Tue - take kids to the Y to work out
Wed - deep water aerobics
Thur - vinyasa yoga
Fri -
Sat/Sun - lay around on couch smugly satisfied with myself

Add in the twice daily stair climbs and the lunch time walk (which honestly, have petered out with the crummy weather we're experiencing) and I think I have a do-able workout plan.

I was going to sign up for the yoga tomorrow night (it runs in four-week sessions, Tu/Thu, but they said I can attend Thu only for eight weeks). But it goes until late in the evening, and tomorrow I have my peeps. Generally, they are with their dad on Thursday nights, so the late class will be okay. I am wrestling with whether or not to attend: I have been eager to get back into yoga and kind of want to strike while the iron is hot.


  1. Great job reaching the 50lb mark!!!! That is awesome!

    Oh and my calves have been killing me, not sure if it was the 10 miles on Sunday or the following it up with stairs on Monday! LOL I am putting off stairs at work until tomorrow.

  2. HOW COOL IS THIS?? We hit 50 on the same day!! HIGH FIVE!! Congrats!!!

  3. Here's the deal, you are going to Yoga tomorrow night. Period. Which is tonight (in Fiji, just FYI). By working out you will become a better mom and be in a better mood when you get home. Plus, you got one whole extra day with #2 since you missed work to take care of him, right?

    Now that that is out of the way, so very proud of you for running the stairs on your own. I think the more you accomplish on your own, it's that much easier to get out there and do it again. Oh, and since you are now posting your workout schedule (like moi!) you must count the stair running each day, it helps fill up the schedule and make you look that much more committed.

    S won't admit it, but he appreciates your shout out on my blog. He really has been working hard at that P90X. And you are right, he really needs to remain shirtless. I agree!

  4. Congrats on the 50#! And all that working out looks awesome! Hey, when you get a chance, can you blog about yoga. I'm thinking of trying it and would love to know what people (especially non-skinny people) think of it. Thanks!

  5. CONGRATS!!!!!!!!!!!! It's official now. Woo hoo! And yes balancing kids/work/homelife AND working out takes some hard work. You can do it and you already are.

  6. Thanks everyone! :) @Jen - way to go on the 10 mile run and stairs! I keep thinking about you running, and want to try. But also do not want to try. :) Not trying is winning right now!

    @Manda, YAY!! Congrats to you, too!!

    @Bossy Kim - I think I just needed a shove to do the yoga. :) Babysitter is all set for tonight, I will be there! SO EXCITED! @Bossy Kim's Scott - yum and all his hard work shows! Very cool. I showed his pic to my P90X friend here, too, she was very impressed and inspired to keep going (she has been burned out)

    @Ordinary Girl - I would love to blog about yoga! You should try it, it is so fun. I haven't done it since my spinal fusion in 2004 but I just loved it, and I was a big girl then, too. I get very into the mental part of it, as well.

    @Sheila, thanks!! Oy, yes, finding my groove as a single mom (and thank God my ex is so good with the kids and shares time with me) has been the hardest thing ever! I think we're getting pretty good at it these days. :)