Friday, April 15, 2011

Wow, Where Did that Week Go?

What a crazy week! I'm glad it's Friday.

The scale is honoring me with a two pound loss today, which makes me happy! But more than that, I have been getting some really nice compliments. Today, an old coworker came up and gave me a big hug at SBUX. He said, "I saw you walk by out of the corner of my eye, but I looked, and it wasn't you. But I looked again, and it *was* you!"

My best buddy, whom I have lunch with almost every day, didn't recognize me coming down the escalator today. She said I've hit another phase of major changes in my appearance. She just raved about it over lunch, to the point that I asked her if she'd scritch behind my ears, too, while she said all these nice things. :)

Earlier this week, Bariatric Meri told me she didn't recognize me when we passed at the elevator. "It's starting!" she said. That has pretty much been my motto for the week!

I am feeling really good. I see a major difference in my appearance, and my body is feeling stronger and more vibrant. I think I'm going to stop and buy myself something pretty this afternoon.

On other fronts, I am contemplating renting a bigger house in the neighborhood. Since the divorce two years ago (or nearly - I guess it's two years in August), I've been renting a small two-bedroom townhome. I sleep on a futon in the living room and the kids have the bedrooms. It feels very temporary, or transitional, to me. Our kitchen is a teeny galley kitchen and the counters are always crowded because there's not much cabinet space. The house I'm looking at is small, but nice. The owners seem great, and the timing works out exactly as I need. It's about a $500/month jump in rent plus added utilities over what I'm currently paying, and my neighborhood (both the smartest and the dumbest decision I ever made to move here) is already very expensive. I have not noticed an extra $500/mo kicking around in my checking account, but theoretically, the math works.

The flip side of that is it will eat up all my income. I will be much more restricted about yoga and water aerobics classes, about buying clothes to accommodate a shrinking me. It's a difficult trade-off to make: on the one hand, I want my kids in a more homey environment, I want a sense of permanence and comfort for myself. I want my own stinking bedroom, and not having my dresser in the entry closet.

On the other, this year is about me. Whipping this body into shape, buying clothes to fit the new me, etc. If I manage it smartly, I can do it all, but it won't be easy. Moving is expensive, and renting a house comes with additional expenses that I don't currently have in the condo.

Decisions, decisions.

My friend and I are about to complete our TENTH stairclimb of the week! We both did it, twice a day, every day this week. We are on FIRE! Next week, we are adding two additional flights to our climb, and continuing with the twice a day routine. Eeep.

On a bummer note, I missed yoga last night to go see this house. My ex is keeping the kids longer on Sunday so I can go to the make-up class Sunday morning, though. I also missed one night of deep water aerobics because of hellacious traffic, making me 15 minutes late, plus I forgot my darn towel and it was POURING outside. I just couldn't do it, I bailed on the class.

Also, I've been given my first blog award! Thank you, Jen at Runner...maybe? I am planning a special post this weekend in honor of the occasion. :)


  1. You deserve something pretty :)
    Go for it!

    And, as for the house... it's hard to make a decision that will affect you in so many different areas in your life. But, I'm sure you'll figure it out and come up with a great plan!

    Good luck!

  2. You accomplished way more of what you planned this week than I did, kudos to you and your stair climbing. Did you see Biggest Loser this past week? Thought of you as they climbed over 1000 stairs in New Zealand.

    About the house--do you think you should see about "hiding" $500/month for a couple of months and see what it's like to live without it?

    I'm sure you want to get into the house before summer, but...

  3. - oh the house issue is tough - no adivce as we live in a tiny 2 bedroom townhouse also.

    -AWESOME job on the stairs!!!!!

    - Great job on the weight loss! But oh man you are getting closer to me....I need to kick it up a notch....kidding of course, but its kinda fun to have motivation against someone - shall a dare challenge you to a dual a race to 200! LOL :)

  4. Good loss, great week with the workouts, etc!! I like the idea of "hiding" the extra $$ every month and see how it feels. And then if you don't end up moving you will have a little nest egg for the future. I was driving by a HUGE thrift store today and *almost* went to shop, but the reality is I am okay right now with clothes. I still have this fear of buying something that doesn't fit right now with the idea that I will shrink into it. I think I would rather shrink first, buy second. Anyway, good luck with the decision, I'm sure it is tough to decide!

  5. Oh, GAME ON, Jen! Let's do it! :)