Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Nice Hair Cut! Nice Color!

I am at a funny point in my weight loss...fifty-four pounds is so much! I probably couldn't even lift it, let alone carry it. So, I am getting a lot of double takes from people. But I still have so much to lose, I am not sure the weight loss itself is what's jumping out of them. Or maybe it is, but they aren't registering it as such.

What I'm getting, then, is tons of compliments on my hair. ;) Okay, so I started coloring my hair a deep burgundy red (I mix Natural Instincts "Chocolate Creme" with "Cherry Creme" to make my own "Chocolate Covered Cherry" color, haha) last fall. In January, I got my hair cut dramatically, but haven't had it trimmed since.

And I probably get five to ten compliments a day on my hair. :) (I work in a huge building and have been there for 20 years, so I see a lot of people, haha).

It goes like this: someone walks past me. They do a little double-take. Look at me again. "Wow, I love your hair! You look fantastic!"

Or my other favorite, I am walking by someone, attempting to make eye contact. He or she walks past and will either catch my eye, or I'll say hi, or touch their arm. Sort of startled, the person will look at me directly. "Oh, hi! I love your hair!"

It is hysterical. And it is SOOOOOO much fun. I just feel fantastic. :)

Oh, and forgive me for prattling on about my stair climbing. It might not excite me to say, "I did the stair climber at the gym for 15 minutes." But to say, "I climbed 40 flights of stairs this afternoon!" makes me feel like a million bucks! Even though they are practically the same thing. I guess if I got on a stair climber machine I would be thinking those fifteen minutes were pretty damn incredible, too. It is hard work (and takes us nearly 17 minutes, not 15). But I'm doing the stairs, so we all have to put up with me jabbering, "Forty flights! Forty flights!" I'm sure the novelty will wear off soon, but in the meantime, bear with me! ;)


  1. Making your own hair colors... AMAZING lol

    I bet a lot of people notice your weight loss. But, they're unsure how to approach that topic. And, since your hair is beautiful it's easier :)