Monday, April 18, 2011

Woohoo, Forty Flights!

Ok, I'm beat today. I did the hard yoga class yesterday morning, my five year old woke me up at 4:00 a.m. ("It's wake up time, mama!") and I couldn't go back to sleep...I'm just beat. We missed our morning stair run today because my friend and I had conflicting back to back meetings.

So this afternoon, we planned to do both our 20+2 additional flight runs. But I was tired, and I was reluctant to make another excuse for why I was climbing so slowly. So the brilliant mind offered up, "let's do forty flights at once!" My friend, in a lapse of good judgment, said, "Okay!"

Whew. We started on the 22nd floor. We agreed to go slowly. We mused about which floors along the route we could escape from if we got tired. We reminded ourselves that every other floor has a defibrillator.

And we did it. Floor 22 to floor 62, then back down to 52. All in 16:55. Faster if I would have remembered that we were timing it and I needed to stop the timer!

This will be the work out for the week, we decided. Next week we'll add additional flights to the 40-at-once-stairclimb. On a bummer note, I forgot to pre-arrange babysitting tonight so I could attend deep water aerobics, and I just found out the babysitter can't stay. :( That's okay, I think I earned the night off!


  1. Woo hoo girl! Work those stairs! I *just* got home from water I'm ready for a nap. lol.