Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Well, Let's Hope We've Seen the End of That

The scale graciously cooperated with me today and read my lowest to date, 219 pounds. Bahaha, I accidently typed "119 pounds" there at first. Let's hope that particular milestone is not out of reach in the not too terribly distant future!

I wholeheartedly invite such phrases as "She weighs less than 120 pounds soaking wet," and "wow, that surgery worked well for her, but I'm afraid she's gotten a little too thin." Please make a note of it! Although I will certainly remind everyone in the future. Heck, I'll probably walk around holding cue cards.

Ok. What's changed? I am back to basics on my eating. Hunk o' salmon for dinner and lunch today, hard boiled eggs, cooking up some tilapia for dinner. I do not like tilapia, but I like almost all fish, so I am trying to force the issue. I think talapia is a made up fish. Did you hear about it when you were growing up?? I did not. It did not exist, in my humble opinion. And my family was big fish eaters, so I oughta know. Also, years ago I saw some Discovery channel type show about farmed tilapia. They basically started farming it because they needed some yucky bottom feeder fish to eat the bottom of the tank that was dirtied by some other fish they were farming. Fake, garbage-eater fish conjured up in a lab, I think.

Hmm, dinner is not sounding so appetizing right about now. But tilapia is cheap and readily available. I bought some coconut-type encrusted stuff at the seafood counter. And as I'm typing this, I remember that I just agreed to go for a long walk in the sun with a friend right after work. Sushi for dinner was mentioned. I probably won't eat my tilapia, after all. No problem, it's gross anyway.

And you shouldn't eat farmed fish, by the way. But tilapia doesn't grow in the wild, because it's fake fish.


  1. I have to agree with you about tilapia. Its used to be cheap, but now its getting expensive! The nerve of corporate America.

  2. Did you see the Dirty Jobs episode - that sealed the deal that I would not eat tiliapia.

  3. That's the one I saw!! Dirty Jobs!! Ugh, that ruined tilapia for me, it was so gross.

  4. Eeeew I have heard that they build tilapia farms under chicken coops and that the tilapia feed on the...well, you know chicken waste. So to this day I have not tried tilapia. I will eat other fish though...

    YAY on the lowest number ever, how in the heck did you lose 7lbs just like *that*. That never happens to me. ;-)

  5. EVERY time I update my health tracker, I type in a "1" instead of a "2", and then it shows my HUGE weight loss. Takes me a second to realize why!!
    I like Talapia...kind of taste-less, but the Gorton's lemon pepper is good.
    I had crab and cocktail sauce tonight. YUM!
    Congrats and keep it up!!

  6. LOL about the Tilapia. My aunt once said to me that they eat poop and that was enough to keep me from trying it. Sushi sounds yummy though!

    Congrats on your scale cooperating hehe! I fully intend to get to the point where I have lost more than I weigh at goal (aiming for a total loss of 150 which would put me at 120 hehe)