Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Shells Manipulated Here

ETA: We did the stairs in 7:46 today! That's down 1 min 12 seconds from Monday's time and 44 seconds from yesterday's! Woohoo!!
I've decided to change my goal weight. It's not that I'm changing what I *want* to weigh - not at all. But when I think and talk about my weight loss goals, there is one thing I am thinking of, at this juncture.

A "normal" BMI. That's what I run my calculations against, that's where I do my mental math, that's how I define success. I want a normal BMI. You can see by my goal list on the right hand side - those BMI chart divisions are very important to me! Passing from morbidly obese to obese, passing from Class II obese to Class I, passing from obese to overweight. These are huge milestones for me.

I want to find my perfect weight, when I get closer to it. I won't be satifisfied with 140 just because I broke into the normal weight barrier, but I will be very, very satisfied with myself. I will have hit goal. My weight, my height, plugged into a little calculator, will read "normal." Healthy. HWP.

So, as my goal stretches out long before me, I've decided to update my ticker to where the real prize is for me on this part of my journey. Normal. Normal. Normal. I want it so badly I can taste it.

I hope it doesn't have carbs.

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  1. I set my goal to break into the normal BMI also! I just want to be normal! LOL