Friday, March 4, 2011

No Longer Extreme! Scale Cooperation and Mathematical Manipulation

I told my friend on the phone this afternoon that I am both deeply mortified and embarrassed to achieve this goal and super proud of myself. It is an odd feeling!

I am now officially..."Obese." Not "Extremely Obese." Thankyouverymuch! The BMI chart has spoken: my BMI is 39.7, *well* under the 40 BMI classifying you as extremely obese. If I showed up at the weight loss surgeon's office today, demanding a gastric sleeve, well, I'd be turned away because my skinny little BMI didn't meet my insurance company's requirements.

There was a little mathematical manipulation at play, too. After getting measured at my surgeon's office since they had neglected to do it, and asking the hematologist's office to measure me...well, I am ready to concede that I guess I either grew as an adult or have always had an inaccurate understanding of my own height. I bumped it up from 5'2.5" to 5'3". Amazing what a nice little push a half inch will give you, haha.

But, notice the scale has favored me this week, as well. That's a four-pound weight loss, ladies and gentlemen! I am on the cusp of the 40 pound lost goal, as well. Yay! It feels good to have started losing again after no loss last week and the evil Chex Mix incident.

You may notice my goal list in the upper right corner. Why do I want to ride a burro into the Grand Canyon? Well, I probably don't. But many years ago a coworker went with her husband, who was turned away and left at the top of the canyon while his wife and daughters rode their burros to the bottom. He was over 220 pounds, and thus not allowed to ride on the burro. I remember both a) being embarrassed for him because she was sharing this story with everyone at work, and b) feeling embarrassed because I, too, would be turned away from the burro ride.

But soon, that burro would have to take me on its back, and thus, it's the next goal on my list. :)


  1. Congratulations!! You'll be at the burro weight limit in no time!

  2. Glad the scale is moving again, and thanks for the laugh about being "able" to ride the burro, but not really "wanting" to ride the burro. :-)

  3. Awesome! As for the height thing, I was wondering if that has anything to do with a shrinking butt? With my butt as it's biggest, I always felt awkward when getting measured for height, because I always felt my butt was sticking out so much that the rest was not even touching the wall and if I leaned in, I was not straight anymore. So, straightening out the leaning tower of Julie may have given you an extra half inch.

  4. Susanne - yes, big butt syndrome! It could well be - or as I've always figured with my height, my giant boobs pulling my spine into a c-shape. Bah!

  5. Oh, and I bought a new bra yesterday, since Lane Bryant has the 40% off sale until today (paid $11.99 for a NICE bra) and went from a 44D to 42C