Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get Thee a Pill Box

Every now and again, you can rely on this blog to provide you with earthshattering, cannot live without pre-and post-op advice. Things you could have never possibly figured out on your own.

Today's advice is "get a pill box."

No, really.

So, I am eight weeks post-op today, and, true to form, I am terrible about taking my pills. Twice a day pills? HA! More like "several times a week" pills.

This week, I was fed up. I take a prescription twice a day to prevent gallstones. A common result of rapid weight loss is gallstones, and thus the need to have your gallbladder removed. I do not want my gallbladder removed. In fact, I want to stay away from anything that lands me in the hospital for another surgery.

Ipso facto, I must take my gallbladder medication for the next four months or so.

Now - I knew a pill box would facilitate medication management. So, for a good four to six weeks, I mused that I needed to remember to pick one up from the drugstore. Then, I *did* pick one up, and for a good week or so, I mused that I needed to sit down and fill it with medications. Then I actually sat down to load it up, and within a couple days after that, I rounded up all the pills that need to go into it. I put the bottles in a gallon zip-lock bag, so next week's re-load will hopefully not be such a time-consuming endeavor.

Here it is. Ain't she a beaut? AM and PM pill holders, and each day pops out to drop into your purse or pocket, should you so desire. And there are my pills, if you are interested:

Gummy vitamin
Actigall anti-gallstone pill
1000 IUI vitamin D
Some reflux/antacid med - I think I take this for a few months, too
1/2 my high blood pressure med. I have turned amateur physician on myself. I stopped taking the high blood pressure med weeks ago and monitored my blood pressure and found it consistently to my liking. However, now that I have been exercising more, I noticed that my heart rate is still high. On the blood pressure med, my heart rate is much lower (for example 80 bpm versus 100 bpm when first stepping onto the treadmill, and 120 max versus 155 max when in full workout). I like a slower heart rate, it makes me feel less like I'm going to drop dead at the YMCA. So, I started taking 1/2 a pill again. I'll monitor my blood pressure to make sure it's not too low, and see how it affects my heart rate when working out.

Gummy vitamin
B-12 sublingual
Prescription iron supplement

I have nasty, nasty calcium liquid purchased from Costco to take daily. I haven't been, and need to get on it. Nasty, nasty stuff. Claims to taste like a blueberry smoothie. Does not. WLS peeps are supposed to take calcium citrate, which is pretty limiting in terms of the stuff you think of when you think calcium supplements (TUMS, vitachew, etc). I have hated everything I've tried, but I'm difficult that way.


  1. LOL, I blogged about the same thing a few months ago. It does help me a TON to remember to take my vits. This is the type of calcium I take, it is chalky but manageable.
    Also, your gummy vits look very similar to mine, are you sure you aren't supposed to take 2 doses a day (which would be 4 gummies spread out to 2x a day?) Just thought I would ask, my surgeon notes we are to take two adult doses per day on the multi.

  2. Laugh! Sheila, I'll bet you planted the first seed! I pulled up your blog post, because I think it is where I first learned about Biotin, and definitely where I learned what "long nail bed" meant! I had heard that before and had no idea, either.

    This reminds me that I have Biotin at home and need to a) find it and b) put it in my pill caddy. Der.

    Also, you had a post some time ago about Benefiber or some such product - I always think of this when I forgot to pick some up at the store to try it! :)

    Your blog has been *tremendously* helpful to me along this journey!! (thisonebody.blogspot.com)

  3. Oh, and mine are the gummies from Costco - my surgeon didn't tell me two take two doses, but he did tell me not to take the kid vitamins (which I always had on hand for my own kiddos).

    It is easy enough to double-up, though, yummm. ;)

  4. I'm using one, too, it saves me! I cannot seem to keep my multivitamin down. I bought expensive ones from my surgeon's office. Regretting that now. Wondering if I should try the gummy.

  5. The gummy ones are the only ones I can take, and I've tried a lot! Gummies are yummies...

  6. YAY for gummies (and yes I bought mine at Costco too! gotta love that place!) Julie, I am SO glad that my blog has helped you. That is the exact reason that I actually decided to start a blog, because I know it has been really helpful for me to read other people's experiences. Glad to share the love. I love your blog and your sense of humor. :-)

  7. OH and YES! I love Benefiber!!! I drink it almost daily. It is a wonderful product. I tried some gummy fiber chews and, um, yeah, not so great. So for now I'm sticking with Benefiber!

    Here is the link to my blog about it