Thursday, March 31, 2011

Stair Climb

Ah, this is a boring little update, but we did the stairs in 7:40 today - six seconds shorter than yesterday. We may have hit our pace for awhile (although we do plan to make 7:30 tomorrow, as planned). Seems like we're both busting our asses as fast as we can go, with no stopping.

Because we are foolish, foolish women, we're going to try incorporating a second run next week. As in, an AM stair run and a PM run. I think we are actually trying to nuke our friendship, because I know my thighs start hurting and I can't breathe whenever I see her now, haha. (Hmm, that actually sounds a little dirty. Oh, you know what I mean. Pavlovian response: see friend, feel pain.) But we figured since it only takes us 7.5 minutes, we could force ourselves to do it real quick twice a day. Unless we die in the stairwell.

Mmm, I had a massage this afternoon after work. Yay! I lurrve massages.

My massage therapist commented that I was downright peppy this afternoon. He noticed a marked difference in my energy level. I told him I would never admit to saying it, but I think the exercise is making me feel a lot better.

I'll test the hypothesis tonight by slugging out on the couch watching tv. Kids are away and I have been battling insomnia (trouble falling asleep, not staying asleep) for a couple weeks. I'm hoping to catch up on some zzzzs.

Hoping, hoping, hoping to hit the 50 pound mark tomorrow!


  1. Hoping you hit 50# tomorrow. If not, you are STILL a rock star!

  2. I agree with ordinary girl, you are definitely a rockstar. I am afraid of stairs right now lol... I can do them but I get embarrassed at how out of breath.

  3. Thank you ladies!! The stairclimbing definitely makes me feel successful. After I do it, that is. Before - it makes me feel grouchy.

    Jenn - don't worry about your breathing. I sound like a fire-breathing dragon going up those stairs, it is not pretty. If anyone enters the stairwell, we get very quiet. Otherwise, swearing and loud breathing is fair game. :)