Monday, March 28, 2011


It's Monday, and my friend and I have made a firm commitment to run the stairs every day this week. We have been averaging 3-4 days a week and have not yet had a five-day consecutive run. But today, we timed our 20-flight run and will re-time it on Friday.

8 minutes 58 seconds. Hmm, it feels so much longer than that. Like 100 hours. Oh, but it's an exhausting just-under-nine-minutes, I assure you!

Oh, lookie how much the scale likes it when I don't eat late at night! That's right: Run, Scale, Run!

Am thinking of soliciting entire new crop of friends. Cannot *PAY* any of my friends to come see Sarah Vowell read Unfamiliar Fishes at the Town Hall tonight. Jeez!! Methinks me friends are uncouth. Tomorrow night I am seeing Dan Savage and Terry Miller read It Gets Better, also at Town Hall. Another friend deigned to attend that one with me. Hrumph.

Today's food:
- 4 oz salmon with lemon
- 2 oz roasted asparagus
- 4 oz sausage lasagne from Pagliacci Pizza

Hmm, I won't be going home after work, so I'll have to figure out the dinner situation.

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