Monday, March 7, 2011

VSG Surgery Costs

I am compiling up some fascinating data about the costs related to my VSG surgery. I'll post that later: I am waiting for insurance review on one final claim from the assistant surgeon. Once they make a decision, I'll know what the final amounts are that I paid versus what my insurance paid.

What really strikes me though, is this little item:

Hospital charges (surgeon/asst surgeon invoiced separately):

Invoiced amount: $27,307.36
Insurance paid:      $6,589.90
Julie paid:                $932.20

Isn't that shocking? I feel so badly for the people who self-pay. There was a woman I met who self-paid for the surgery at the same hospital. I believe she told me she paid upwards of $20K for the surgery. Now, for myself, I am grateful that insurance negotiated the cost down to 1/3 what the hospital billed - but it's still pretty difficult to grasp the discrepancy.

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