Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crepe Paper Boobs

Oh dear, my body is deflating! I was noticing two things when removing my bra last night:

1. The rigid foamy-type cups of my new bra were a bad idea for shrinking breasts. Now the cups are "out there" but the boobs are diminishing and it will soon look puckery and odd.

2. Speaking of puckery and odd: since my breasts aren't filling up the cups, I noticed the skin looks like crepe paper. Hmm. Not festive as you might imagine.

Thank you all so much for your comments on my "Agony" post! I greatly appreciate it, and Susanne, I wish you hadn't deleted your thought-provoking comment! (I am not easily offended, I guarantee you, and my bestest friends are always the ones who know they can give me the proverbial kick in the ass when needed, haha.) I still have your comment in email, btw, so neener neener neener. ;) Thank you, and thank you everyone!

Yes. Carbs and quite probably shoddy recordkeeping. In thinking about Susanne's comments about not recording the cheese and the A1 sauce, I also thought about the little bit of oil I sauteed in, etc. I've never been good at tracking - and I am RIDICULOUSLY forgiving in recollecting what I ate. Still, I think the big change - the only change, really - was reintroducing lots and lots of carbs into my diet in the last week or so.

Within a day or so of that post and the resultant comments, I cut out the carbs and am sitting here with gnarly ketosis-breath for my efforts, haha. The scale was back down to 220 yesterday, but up to 222 today, so I think I still have some issues going. And yes, at some point I will have to stop weighing myself daily. :) But I am trying to balance that with getting to 263 pounds by refusing to acknowledge that scales existed. It is my way of holding myself accountable, even if it has other repercussions.

I have been diligent about mixing Benefiber in with my Snapple. I am seeing a little effect, but not much. I am going to go aggressive on this problem very shortly. I wonder if this will be a long-term issue or if this is more of a new body regulation type issue?

There are other, non-scale related victories (or improvements) going on in my life, anyway. I cleaned the fridge yesterday. As in, dumped stuff out, took out all the drawers and shelves and scrubbed, made it look shiny new. For reference, I haven't done that in the nearly three years we've lived in the place.

I took the kids on a mini-getaway overnight Saturday, and climbed around gun batteries and such at Fort Worden. I am feeling more energy, in other words. I am feeling like doing things and not collapsing on the couch exhausted. I am a long ways from where I want to be: I crapped out on working out with Alli on Saturday because I didn't have my headphones with me. I am still exhausted at the end of the day even though my sedentary desk job is not especially tiring.

But I'm climbing 12 flights of stairs pretty much every day with my friend, and taking a nice walk at lunch with another friend. I'm incorporating activity into my life, bit by bit. I am glad to feel my energy up: I have been vigilant about taking the vitamin D and iron supplements since Kim commented on the vitamin D blahs, too. I think it makes a big difference for me.

And yesterday, I got rid of tons and tons of clothes. I decided I am not going to hang onto them: I wasn't going to anyway (I am not a saver) but I hadn't gotten around to paring things down. And part of my de-cluttering was to get rid of baggy t-shirts and things that made me feel frumpy and/or unattractive.

Edited to add: I took a nice walk in the sun at lunch, and climbed TWENTY flights of stairs with my buddy! We are training for next year's 69-flight Big Climb Seattle, we decided. It's easy to decide that right now, since the 2011 stair climb was just held on Sunday, haha.


  1. 20 flights! Wow! I hate climbing 1! You go girl!

  2. Besides the fact that it would suck to try and do that right now, I get so freaked out going up a lot of steps. The worst was as a kid going up the statue of liberty. I was afraid I would trip and tumble all the way down lol. Glad you are figuring out what may have caused your gain. If your weight fluctuated by 2 lbs over 1 day its probably water weight. Your overall progress is great though :)

  3. I have what I call my "sweater bra" that is just like yours. The cups are real firm so it looks like i have a nice rack...but they are empty! I am a fraud. hahahah....


  4. Woo hoo on the exercise! Good job!

    " noticed the skin looks like crepe paper. Hmm. Not festive as you might imagine."

    Can I just tell you how much you made me laugh? Thank you for that. Glad you are getting back on track, knew you could do it!

  5. LOL! "Crepe Paper Boobs"!!! I GET IT! I know exactly what you mean!!!