Friday, March 11, 2011

Two Month Post-Op Pics

I'm two months out today and down forty-three pounds. Here I am in the same shirt (different jeans). Ahh, I was feeling so happy about this when I first pulled together the pictures, and a coworker (whom I consider a friend) says, "You should be proud of yourself...(implied BUT)...having your stomach surgically removed played a big part in it."

Well, duh. And f*** you, too. I am looking for a way to spin this into a positive, but I'm not feeling it right now! Yes, surgery played a huge part in it. I always knew I could lose weight - I was very good at doing it, in fact. I could not keep it off. And I always gained back more. So I got to a point where I was unwilling/afraid to lose any because I didn't want to get any fatter.

I didn't do have the surgery to win some "losing weight contest" or show anyone up. I did it to save my life. To make my life something worth saving. I am very open about the surgery - especially to my coworkers as it is a covered medical insurance benefit for them, too. I figure that if I can be of any help or inspiration, it would make my struggles worthwhile. It's the same reason I started blogging: I want people to know that it is OK to go this route. It doesn't make you a failure, and it's not a magic wand, either. It's hard work. There's a lot of emotional pain and growing that comes with it, too.

Anyway. My weight loss is becoming pretty noticeable and this seems to have opened me up to oddball comments which I am trying to take in a spirit of support and/or friendship but really hurt. "It's still great no matter how you lose it," or "Too bad you couldn't do it on your own." People, PUH-LEEZ. Do you think I do not know the victory of taking weight off "ON MY OWN." I know it so freaking well I've been doing it since I was eighteen years old. I also know it's evil twin: gaining it all back and then some, and feeling like a piece of shit loser for not being able to maintain all that hard work and effort.

Yipes. My friend really hurt my feelings. In case it wasn't obvious, haha. But anyway, I am proud of myself and thrilled with my results and that's all that matters.


  1. Who care's how you lost the weight! Really who cares! Honestly its about feeling better about yourself and while they try to make you feel bad I am sure they have their own vice, buying a new car, coach purse or something to make them feel better about themselves. Celebrate the weight loss, becuase even if you had surgery you are still doing what it takes to keep it off - chaning your outlook on life :) Kudos to you!

  2. Julie, you look amazing. Do not let the comments derail you. It amazes me how people feel they have the right to comment on your body. If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all people. Sheesh. :)

    You've worked really hard for this weight loss. None of what I've read here sounds like a free ride. You've worked for it, be proud. You're such an amazing woman, tackling this, quitting smoking, and raising 3 young kids at the same time? You're a rockstar. :) Be very proud.

  3. The before and after in the same shirt is just remarkable. Way to go!
    I wonder if people sometimes don't know what to say...they should be more careful and say less if they are unsure.
    Your haircut is still so perfect, too. The long hair was just too long I think.
    So very proud of you!

  4. You look great! Two weeks from today I'm getting sleeved, and I'm hopeful that my weight loss is as great as yours.

  5. OMG, let me know if I need to kick some Ass up there in your area because I will. You are looking and feeling great and that is all that matters. Keep it up and call me for backup if you need it.