Saturday, March 26, 2011


That was the most exhausting five pounds ever! And it's a crispy clean forty-five, too, 218.0 pounds.

Ok - I've got a touch over two weeks before my three month surgiversary (oh what the heck, I'll go ahead and use it, even if I don't like it). I'm going to do everything in my power to take off another five pounds before that date. If it happens, great, if it doesn't, at least I'll know I gave it my all.

Oh, and one last ugly digestion update. :) I was taking the fiber, I was taking the stool softeners. I was not getting a lot of, um, relief. I went out to dinner one night earlier this week. It was a gorgeous evening, I was with wonderful friends, it was perfect. After dinner, we were walking around downtown and window shopping. I started feeling crampy. Then very crampy. I went to the bathroom, where I knew what my body needed to do, but it could not. I begged off the evening and we all headed back toward the office (where our cars were). On the ten-block walk or so, I started feeling nauseous. Then urpy.

A half-block from the office door, I yakked. Oh, except I can't do that anymore. So I hairballed and spit. Uh, I'm glad my friends love me. I ran into the lobby restroom, which the janitor was just walking in to clean. I begged. He aqcuiesced. Again, nothing. I ran to my car in the parking garage, now actively nauseous full-time. I drove to a damn drug store and bought a box of laxatives. I took three. I walked in the door at home, the logjam broke pretty quickly, but I continued to "puke" too. Several hours later the laxatives kicked in.

It was the most awful, miserable night ever. And I tell you this because I only remember things when I write them down, and clearly this is very very important to my body. And if you are out there in your own WLS journey, and you are not pooping, well, you better do something about it before your body takes over. Even on a beautiful night in the sun with your friends. Your colon don' care.


  1. Oh Julie, that sounds miserable!! Do you know what caused the puking? I have yet to do that and I'm so thankful nothing has come back...I *hate* it so it was a big worry of mine. Oooh, and congrats on 45...woo hoo!

  2. Sheila - I think it's just me and my guts getting used to the sleeve! Pre-op, my guts had gotten very sensitive to lactose and this has only gotten worse. But in general, for a few years now, my body decides to empty out as quickly as possible through whatever means necessary. ;) Blech.