Thursday, December 1, 2011

That's Just Twisted.

Here on my blog, I can confess anything - and this morning I choose to confess that I took a picture of my skin suit last night. :) Ack!!

Here's what happened. I have been feeling really great about my weight loss and my new body. There are skin issues, however. They are not horrific, but they definitely have given me pause. :) I am rolling and folding boobs into push-up bras (which I tell my friend is blatant false advertising). I have odd little puffs of soft, wrinkly skin like where my "side boobs" used to be, etc. Taking a bath is interesting: loose skin floats. Gah!!!

So last night, I'm laying in bed, buck nekked, watching tv. I scratch my back and notice that my skin has made a little fold along the curve of my spine. Ew. Gravity has let all that too-big skin fall, so in that position, I had an odd little vertical fat roll (except I was horizontal, haha, just try to bear with me as I paint this mental picture).

My iPhone is my alarm clock, and it is plugged into the charger right next to the bed, and I figure, "what the hell, I want to see what's going on here." I decide to take a picture.

This will give you an idea of what my skin suit looks like.

I may be scared scarred for life. I tend to think of the loose skin as being my belly and boobs, and to a lesser extent, my upper thighs.

Uh, it's more than that.

The good news is's okay!! Mama, I am 104 pounds lighter than I was not even 11 months ago. My skin will catch up. Or not. I will correct it with plastic surgery. Or not. Either way, it's all good.

Hey, besides loose skin, I have tons of BONES!! Two hundred six of them, to be exact, and most of them, I didn't even know were lurking under all that fat. It was a momentous occasion when I first rediscovered my hip bones jutting out there on top. Now, I can easily feel the shape of my whole pelvis (well, I guess the side of it, you know what I mean). Bones. Who knew?? I also have lots of muscles - it is crazy to be able to feel them, too.

In more twisted information, I am still working on this uterine ablation/tubal ligation thing. Honestly, when I read about the uterine ablation eliminating the lining of the uterus, ipso facto, not being able to carry a pregnancy...well, when my GYN insisted that I still needed birth control, I thought maybe we were engaged in a philosophical argument about fertilized eggs. I was a little peeved - was I having the tubal ligation to mollify his pro-life stance? He's an older gentleman, I am a single woman with a brood of children - just some of the things he said made me feel...hmm, a bit on edge.

Then I googled 'pregnancy after ablation' and read about all these joyous women who were able to successfully carry babies to term through high-risk pregnancies even after having uterine ablation. Even after they thought they'd never have more children again.

Uh, I'm getting the tubal ligation, too. Eeep. You'll get no more argument out of me, good sir. I envision me, sobbing hysterically in a corner, while my four+ children clamor all over me, demanding food and book fair money and why-didn't-you-save-money-for-our-college-tuition-mommy???


  1. Oh man, I can just see you SOBBING with your new twins crying for your attention. I can't even imagine having a baby now, and I know you'd get pregnant if you played russian roulette with this procedure. Crazy.

  2. I have been pregnant twice in my life, and both were bullseyes on the first try. Me no takey chances in this regard. As my GYN said, God love him, "you're only 41, still a young woman!"

    You do remember what it was like to be 41, don't you? ;)

  3. Kim you are nice....she would end up with at least triplets! :)


    ahh the skin suit, its a blessing and a curse. I like to think of it like this -

  4. In September I took pictures of myself in bra and underwear, the three places on me that bother me with the extra skin, arms, stomach & thighs. I posted my arm pictures but my stomach and thighs I was so embarrassed of, the minute I was all excited about losing over 100 lbs the reality of what my body looks like after is kind of depressing but I'd rather deal with extra skin than 125 lbs of fat on my body! There's always plastic surgery to fix the loose stuff LOL

  5. I have it too. I've been taking photos along the way, on my iPhone. I'm 11 lbs from goal but my tummy looks DISGUSTING. It's not just saggy. It's lumpy, bumpy, AND saggy. My belly button is a sad frownie. And it smells bad too. Gah!!

  6. Oh my goodness, thank you for my laugh today! I agree about being done with kids...permanently. I am all in favor of that! (I'm a fertile mertile as well and was a big proponent of the V for my hubby...thankfully he agreed!)

  7. I love your posts. They always make me laugh!!

    I feel you with the pictures though. I took one of my belly last week and I don't think I've been the same since. I've been researching the excess skin removal like a crazy person.

  8. I had an ablation a year ago, and I love the results! I didn't get the tubal, but my hubby has that part taken care of, so I didn't have to.