Monday, December 12, 2011

11 Month Post-Op: Down 106 Pounds!

When Sabrina took my picture this morning, she told me to pose like I'm showing all those pre-ops how wonderful it is to experience this...convince them the same way other people's photos convinced you! I thought that was great advice.
Who Dat Girl?
It's that time again - the monthly before and after picture! And today, I was all set for work in my jeans, baggy t-shirt and tennies, but I remembered...picture day! So you KNOW I did a quick wardrobe change, and the word of the day was "form fitting," haha.

Let's see, how shall I pontificate on the eleven month surgiversary? I am feeling GREAT. My body - let me tell you, it LIKES having the extra weight gone. Gimme a little spring in my step and everything!

I could be losing faster if I focused better. I'm eating more carby stuff than I should, and my sleeve knows the difference. Last night I ate *maybe* two ounces of a turkey burger patty, and I was filled to the gills. No more food going down that pipe. Carby stuff goes down much easier, and is much more the food that calls to me. I will spend this next month kicking it back into high gear, because mindfulness will help around the holidays.

Pre-op, I always wondered about post-op eating. I read online that people said they could eat a lot more when they got out this far. This is true. I think it will be fantastic maintenance plan - I really can eat (almost) any type of food, and not in quantities that would be embarrassingly/uncomfortably small (in a social situation, I mean). But eating smart foods - turkey burgers, hard-boiled eggs, fish, etc...that's where you see the limitations/restrictions of the sleeve. It's really a tiny tummy. My kids laugh at me because if I eat to much I get the hiccups and/or the sneezes. Last night my turkey burger had me in the hiccups for quite awhile. I am getting much better at not eating too much, haha. So, for a "regular" meal that you might find at a restaurant, I'm guessing I can eat 1/4-1/3 of a serving. For dense protein, I'm good with just a couple ounces.

I do notice a difference in how much food I can eat and whether or not I am drinking with the meal. This continues to be a real challenge for me to practice. I do not like it.

As an overeater, I continue to battle with STOPPING EATING. My stomach can't hold much. I frequently ask it to hold more than it wants to comfortably. I am happy to say, though, I am getting better and better at honoring its wishes. We get along so much better that way. :)

That's the end of the weight loss update for today. :) Now, we shall talk about boys. I am digging this new guy, and looking forward to this weekend, which, with small exceptions for some stuff I already had planned, will be spent largely with him. Yesterday, I abandoned my children snuck away for an hour and met him for coffee, it was very nice. He is easy to talk to, and smart and funny...I dare say that I figured out who he reminds me of and it is...(drumroll please)...Johnny Depp. Not in a movie star, OMG I'M DATING JOHNNY DEPP, way...although he is very cute and does have the same dark coloring and there is a resemblance. It's the kind of vibe - goateed, a little beatnik, a little offbeat, a little sumpin sumpin. When it popped into my head, it was definitely "oh yes, that's who he reminds me of," no question about it.

And hey, that's a great thing. :) I have nearly 30 years of Johnny Depp fantasies to act upon. JD has always been my "if you could run away with anyone, who would it be?" guy. I started on 21 Jump Street young and have been a loyal follower ever since. To date someone who reminds me of him? Well, that's looking like quality kid-free time to me!


  1. Great pics. Oh, (sigh) 21 Jump Street. Loved that show. I dig the young, edgy type.

    You did not abandon your children. Leaving kids home for one hour in the broad daylight is not a problem. They probably loved it.

  2. Look how teeny tiny you are! WOO HOO Julie!!!

  3. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!! Soooooo awesome! Congrats! :)