Thursday, December 15, 2011

Please Don't Stone Me.

I think I'm having a gallstone attack today. Oh no! About 10 am, I started walking and thought, "OUCH!" Something on the right side under my ribs is knotted up and quite painful. I am so sad. I am hoping it passes and never comes back. Thus far, it has not passed, and no position is making it feel better.

Just yesterday I was telling a friend that for about the last week, I've been eating something that is upsetting my stomach. I've felt a little queasy, a little off. I've been gassy and not knowing why!

For now, I am ignoring the pain. It isn't easy. :) It's not crippling, but it's annoying as heck. I've even been laying on the floor of my cube, which did not help one little bit.

What a bummer.

Oh! A nice story. Today is my former department's holiday party. (A department that didn't can me, haha.) I ran into a retiree in the lobby and decided to make my way through a couple of floors. It was kind of a hard decision because I've been gone a long time and there are many, many people whom I don't know.

It was well worth it, though. I saw many people I don't see often, and several retirees I have missed. One in particular saw me and gasped, and gave me a giant hug. "You look absolutely divine. So radiant. You look just like you did when you started here." I swear, he almost got teary, and he said it was wonderful to see me looking so well. And it was hella fun to be told that I look like I did when I was 19, haha.

Another two retirees were chatting and I said hello. I realized they didn't have a stinkin' idea who I was. And I went to high school with one of their daughters, haha. I reintroduced myself and garnered lots more compliments.


  1. Divine? What a great word. You do look divine, even though you are getting stoned for being naughty last night.

  2. How fun to get compliments. I hope you feel better.

  3. Ooooh, do NOT ignore your symptoms. I developed gall stones 13 year ago after doing Medifast for 6 months (full liquid under the supervision of a bariatric dr. [not my current surgeon]) and when I had an attack it felt like someone took ahold of my insides and squeezed as hard as they could. Nothing would alleviate the pain until the stone had passed. They were able to see my stones during an ultrasound. Please call your dr. if you suspect gall stones!

    AND yay for being DIVINE! Love that!