Saturday, December 3, 2011

Exceeding Expectations

Yeah, baby! (Ugh, the space bar on this computer is stuck, so forgive me in advance for any space bar transgressions.)

More than 85% of my excess weight lost, thereby exceeding my surgeon's stated "65%-85% of excess weight lost after surgery" range! W00T!! (I have never in my life said or typed "W00T" but that must be what I'm feeling this morning, haha. I am closing in on you, goal weight!!

Last night, I steeled my nerves and went to a singles party at an artists' work space in Seattle ( I didn't need to be nervous, it wasn't really a party, so much as an open house. I didn't hang around long to mingle, but that was mostly because I was wearing my sexy boots all day at work and my feet were K-I-L-L-I-N-G me by then. So I hung out briefly, then again pushed myself to go to a event at a bar watching a live band. Almost exclusively women at the meetup, but they were very nice and I had a good time. Left early because I am volunteering today.

Tonight, I was planning on going to a singles holiday party, but it had a couple challenges. It's in Everett, which is far. I don't normally mind far, I suppose. Also, it's holiday dress, and I have no holiday dress. Uh, hello - I put on the Old Navy size 16 dress that I do have and would work, let me tell you that I put it on my pulling it over my head without unzipping it (the zipper is problematic) and I am SWIMMING in it. Looks like a gunny sack. :) But I figured I'd work on going, again, that's a nerves thing for me, so once I do it once, I am more likely to do it again.

However - the Republican called! We're going out tonight after I finish my shift. I am reserving judgment (well, not really, I am actually all judgey about it, haha). I'm not sure if I said, but he is my age and has been single a long time. He is really good at it. :) He has tons of interests and hobbies and much, much, much that keeps him busy. And the money to do it with. I don't think he's actually looking for a girlfriend or someone to share much of his life with. This doesn't mesh too well with what I'm looking for, except for the part where I don't want to mix my kids with my dating life for the foreseeable future. Um, I don't think it is problematic for him that I am only available every other weekend, haha. So I will go out with him because he is fun, but I gotta say - I don't think this one's going anywhere.


  1. I think "fun" is a good enough reason to go out with someone. Sorry you have to keep buying a new wardrobe.

  2. You are doing to good going to the singles things, I am proud of you. And wearing your sexxxxy boots, has to hurt sometimes right? I still have yet to wear mine, will report back after a day of wearing them. as for going out with the Republican, well, if nothing else it will give you something to blog about today. ;-)