Friday, December 30, 2011


Forgive me if I have already blogged about this, but it is just one of those silly reoccurring thoughts I have had along the weight loss process. One of my favorite Stephen King books from back in the day was "Thinner." A morbidly obese man commits vehicular homicide of someone in a gypsy family. I think he got away with it, too. It's been a long time since I read it. Anyway, a gypsy puts a curse on the morbidly obese man..."Thinner." Just that, just one word. The man immediately begins to lose weight and is thrilled...except he doesn't stop losing. Thinner and thinner and thinner.

Haha! I am not in this position. But my parents have been fussing lately of "how will you stop losing weight?" I am not concerned. I'm 12 pounds (yay!) off my first goal of a "normal BMI." And when my dad's side of the family visited from the south this year, I realized that I actually come from pretty small stock. My grandma, aunt and cousin are all what I affectionately call "little bird women." Short, small-framed, could knock them over with a feather. My dad is not a big guy, either.

On my mom's side, we're Eskimo (and Swedish). Tend to be a bit bigger. My mom, sister and I struggle with our weight. As do my aunt and a couple of cousins. My sister trends average build with periods of weight gain she battles back down. Can I selfishly proclaim here that I saw my sister at Christmas, and for the first time in my whole life, I am smaller than she is?? This was a cool realization.

Anyway, I've decided to align with the bird women on my dad's side of the family, so I am not worried about "Thinner..." That goal is within my sights, and I am loving it! My revised plan is shaping up to be to get into my 120s (129.9 counts!) and pursue plastic surgery to take off the uhhh, evidence. Actually, you'll see on the sidebar to the right that those 120s have always been an optimistically stated goal. I'm not officially changing anything, though, because, as I've said, I have absolutely no frame of reference for myself at these weights. I don't even think I ever stayed in the low 150s as I am now. I think I kind of went from the low 130s around the time I got married, and shot up past everything between there and the 260+s. Eep!

Back to Thinner...when I get on the scale sometimes and have an unexpected loss, I'll think "Thinner..." Today was another such loss - the scale has really been moving down again. Yay, Thinner!

Sometimes I'll think it, too, when I am laughing at my ridiculously small meals. Last night, I *splurged* on, I used to be able to put away a whole hell of a lot of sushi. Now, a couple little rolls and I am done, son. How interesting to think that this is how I'll eat for the rest of my life! Sometimes a bit mind boggling. Always a wonderful thought, though!


Oh - I took #holidayboyfriend home to meet the family yesterday. Yup, it was time. And nope, I don't mean my parents and sister! Hahaha, no, no, no. My family - my little core group of friends. Just two of them (one is off visiting relatives for the holidays and one is one vacation this week and could not be dragged from his home). We all went and watched the Husky Alamo Bowl, one of the most ridiculous football games ever played in the history of football.

So, here's where Cappy is both tremendous fun and alarmingly challenging to my present lifestyle. We meet after work (he actually joined us quite a bit later - probably almost 8p, as he was working). The game is terrible (oh, sure, everyone's offense was great fun to watch, but nobody remembered to play defense). The kitchen closed at the bar. It's third quarter, and my two friends are ready to head out. This works great for me! We all head toward the door, where Cappy says, "let's go out to West Seattle to catch the fourth quarter and get some dinner!"

Oh! Really? Bedtime, schmedtime. Ok, let's do go out to West Seattle, shall we? (We were in Pioneer Square at the time.) He wants to show me the sister bar to the one we've watched football at in Renton. He likes the West Seattle one better - what will I think? (I did like it better, too, although I loved the first one.)

We make it out there in California-transplant-driver time, catch the end of the ridiculous game and do not eat, because...he's hungry for sushi. There's a sushi place down the street. Oh, but it closed at 10p. Where is open at this time? (About 10p.) Thank you, yelp, for showing us that his favorite sushi restaurant on Capitol Hill is still open. Uh, way back from where we originally started the evening. Ok, I'm game. Truly, I think it was the best sushi I've had, and I had some cocktail that was the second best I've ever had, second only to the one I had with him a couple weeks ago at some other cool place he knew.

So, I am having a total blast, but I am also challenging my "tired mother of three" persona that I've worked so hard to cultivate! There is much quality food and drink involved with dating this person. It's really pretty awesome. He's all into architecture and ambiance and the history of different neighborhoods and such...I'm all, uh, we just generally go to Palominos or Sazerac (upscale chain bars). He does this with bookstores and buildings and museums, too. Very, very interesting. I consider myself a reasonably interesting person, but in comparison, I feel pretty...uh, shallow? Oh well - it's like Kim and I agreed, he's 40, single and no kids, he better have some damn interests. ;) My interests right now are providing food and shelter to young'uns and trying to keep up w/ this guy on my free time.

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  1. Oh my goodness, busy Thursday night. And, I'm reading this a day late, so you must be exhausted after going out (or staying in) again last night~