Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Picture Reprieve - You're Welcome!

No pictures of me today - Merry Christmas! Haha, sorry, I know I've been bombarding the blog. In my defense, when I was pre-op, before and after pictures were my life's blood...I was reading blogs, forums, wherever I could soak up pictures of people who had gotten out of my miserable situation. And so, you see, I post a bazillion pictures because I care about humanity. Take that, altruistic spirit!

I am, however, date-ready this morning. I am being picked up right at the park and ride after work, and we are going to dinner and a movie. We're planning to see "Like Crazy," which won Sundance awards and looks good. Truthfully, the movie is already a bit up in the air, since the timing is going to be tight and we have already both agreed it might be more fun to spend more time hanging out and talking and walking around the mall. We also both have side missions - office Christmas parties on Thursday for which gifts must be purchased. I don't actually think we'll be making the movie.

Which sort of wrinkled my plans for the evening's attire! I was planning to wear "the boots," you know, the sexy high heel black leather boots. This is not a problem for dinner and a movie. It becomes questionable for an evening walking around a huge, crowded mall with someone I don't know very well. He shouldn't already be subjected to me being whiny and bitchy. That's the sort of thing you have to dole out in small doses, haha.  To compromise, I did not wear the boots to work today - instead, I am in my cute new tennies with my date outfit. This will preserve some longevity for walking around in those mofos tonight.

(Hmm, I feel like I'm going to have to post a picture of me today, anyway...we'll see. I'll check with Sabrina when I see her and see if she wants to photograph me or chuck my camera at me when I ask. Such a naughty photo whore I am these days!)

I will give you a couple pictures, though. Firstly, I want to say that I have lost the equivalent of this boy. He is 106 pounds, and I have actually now lost 107. I intend to take a picture of him on my back, but I picked him up last night and he is freaking HEAVY! Holy smokes!!

My boy, Blake, who loves his mama so much and is always trying to pick me up now. :) This kid is pure gold.
And here's another picture - your dose of blood and gore for the morning! Mind you, I had a *busy* morning planned! Dress for the date, make sure I have everything, take out the stinking garbage cans to the street, get the kiddos fed and off to school, etc.

As SOON as I stepped out of the shower, I hear my daughter coming up the stairs sobbing. She stepped, barefoot, on a piece of broken glass. Stupid fluorescent light bulb fell off a shelf in the night (it was NOT there when I closed up the house last night). I removed this hunk of glass that had gone *straight up* into the sole of her foot. It was so awful. I pray that none broke off in her foot. Our house looks like Helter Skelter with the blood trails and pooling. She is very sore, but seems okay - I am calling the pediatrician this morning to confirm that her tetanus booster is up to date. Poor little baby. :(

Holy crud, that hurt both of us.


  1. Poor daughter. I stepped on a broken beer bottle in a lake once. Still have the scar.

    So, those boots are mofos, I tell ya. We're headed to a party on Saturday night, staying one block from our hotel. S wants to walk, what, what? Not sure I can walk a block in my boots:)

  2. OMG that is one big bloody piece of glass, how PAINFUL!! Sending your baby girl some hugs! And holy are at -107??? WOWZA! I love that you can't pick up and carry your son. How did we ever weigh so much to begin with? I've always said that if someone handed me a 95lb bag of beans I couldn't make it 2 feet, but if someone handed me a grain of sand every minute for 10 years I could probably keep trudging right along. Amazing though isn't it to think about what the extra weight did to our joints, knees, bones, organs....Crazy!