Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Try that Again

Don't say that I didn't accomplish important work on my last volunteer shift. I took this picture, didn't I?
Boy, howdy. I had the WORST day yesterday, I don't even know if I can write about it. But it's over now, and today I woke up sans migraine and all is sorta right in the world. 'Though I am expecting a few difficult phone calls this afternoon (special ed director at youngest's school, auto shop about pricey repairs on car now that I proved, with my broken down car last night, that last week's $300 repairs were not the problem, and an intake call with a special ed learning type center). Yikes, maybe I'll unplug the phone. Hide, hide!

Anyway, better day today, thus far. And I have decided to ditch the Republican, although in fairness, it is hard to know whether or not I would have been ditched first. You know, when I first met him, one of the things that cracked me up was his writing - we had texted back and forth a bit. False presentation of actual communication levels, I tell you. I've decided to ditch him, but remember, by the time my last kid-free Saturday night was rolling around, I had pretty much figured he had already done it. We're not talking a lot of communication here, although we had seen each other quite a lot during my kid-free period. So it wasn't a booty-call kind of thing, but you could see it sort of feeling like a "we'll talk when it's convenient for me" sort of thing. Doesn't feel right. And seriously, who takes scuba and flying lessons at the same time?? Pick an element and master it, I always say. (I have actually never had cause to say that, until now.)

Regardless. I decided it would be better to bag that one because of several things, his seeming lack of interest being at the top of that list, hahahaha. I should call him up and tell him I don't want to see him anymore because he doesn't want to see me. That'd teach him! I'm looking for more of a dating and chatting sort of thing. I'm probably too into the chatting, which is pretty much just me, but also maybe a little red-flaggish for neediness/loneliness that I would find off-putting. This is a potential flaw in me, but I'm good with it for right now. Gawd knows that the Teetotaler and his "accidental" calls were driving me up a flipping tree.  Something to watch.

Where on earth was I going with this?? Ah, communication skills. I can't stand a man who rambles or loses his train of thought, bahahaha. No, seriously, I love a man who can write well. My definition of write well is make me laugh and say funny things. Smart things, too, but mostly funny things. I know it when I see it. Men are almost always guaranteed to win me over through the written word.

So, I still have this online profile up, and I cringe to even think of reading it, because while I love to write, I hate, hate, hate to write for an online profile. Plus, I had three friends read it before posting, one HATED it, one HATED the version I wrote to placate the friend who hated the first one, which she loved, and the third simply said, "men are visual creatures, just put good pictures." Ugh, that was a tough day! Interestingly, now that I am edging into the hottie-pa-tottie category, I really do have to say that many men seem to read the profile, too.

Okay- again I'm rambling. Got an email from a guy, it was nice, a little boring, but definitely not the "U pretty, want 2 talk?" variety. I checked out his profile, very nice. I laughed a couple times. We have emailed back and forth a few times, he is funny and interesting. It is not lost on me that writing to him is a little like writing to myself. Just call me Queen Narcissus. Plus his birthday is only two days off mine, so that may explain the shared sense of humor. Common astrological wisdom says that Capricorns are not supposed to date each other, too. We'll see. I'll keep ya posted.


  1. I like that picture, haha!

    You have such a great attitude about dating. Bring on the next articulate, handsome, casual drinker, good listener with some cashola in his wallet!

  2. I *knew* there was a reason we get along so well. CAPRICORN!! Ding! lol. Glad the Republican is gonesville...on to bigger and better pastures. Oh wait, that probably isn't a good analogy when speaking about GOOD MEN that you actually want to date. Hum...

  3. Sometimes I envy those of you who get to date. Its so fresh and fun in the beginning. I haven't felt butterflies is SO long and all I have in my stomach are ancient, petrified, ripped open, cocoons. MY butterflies are long dead. lol