Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Kicky New 'Do

I am woefully behind in my preventive maintenance spa treatments. I got that cute hair cut earlier this year, but have dreaded maintaining it because my budget is so tight it squeaks! $70 haircuts are not my style. But today I went back to my old guy, who is right across the street from work and I can pretty much drop in. He's "only" $45, and he's super great, anyway. Stick with what's easy and convenient! I also jetted over and had my eyebrows waxed. Yes, I am getting myself "date ready" for the weekend! ;)

Anyway, here's my kicky new 'do (not much different, just back to where I had it). And I was reading through the blog from the early days, so I'm including a couple reference pictures.

Kim gave me this shirt when I saw her this summer. It was too tight then, it's much looser now!
This was the week after my surgery, before I got my hair chopped.
Here's me on another jeans and t-shirt day (e.g. most days) right after my surgery.
I have come so far, it's just incredible. I can fit my whole self into one leg of those pants now, and back when I posted this, I was happy to be able to fit in them again. :(


  1. Looks great! If you need a good haircut....Salon Jade in Issaquah ask for Cam she is the owner and I think her cuts are lilke $22! Super cheap but she does a great job. I get waxed there also from her. :)

  2. Date ready...oh la la! Looks like a great cut and yeah, that shirt is too big now...go smaller! ;-)