Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wouldn't You Know It?

The Republican doesn't drink, either. But that's in that nice, you'd never even notice it, sort of way. Hmm, when we met he was drinking *something* that night...we've gone out to dinner a couple times and didn't get cocktails, etc. Then yesterday, I offered him some wine, and nope, he doesn't drink. Ah well, he falls into the Yay-Me-It's-a-Fun-Designated-Driver category!

Perhaps. We spent the bulk of the weekend together, I really like him and he is fun. It is probably not a great fit, but it is a fun-for-now fit. I don't think he's all that into me. We talk lots about him, and what he's into and all that good stuff - I ask lots of questions, and he really is interesting. He doesn't ask a lot of questions about me...I'm just not feeling it. For now, it's cool. He has said, when we talked about functions and stuff, that he is pretty shy and not good at meeting and getting to know people. He's definitely a lone-wolf-ish sort of type, I'd say, but it's a funny contrast with all those hobbies and such. So, for me, I can say I'm not feeling like he's all that into me, and maybe that's just the way he is. I ultimately want someone who's all that into me, haha.

It's funny to describe, though, I can't quite put my finger on it or put it into words. He'll talk about whatever, if I bring something up about me we talk about that. He's a good conversationalist and a very nice, funny and witty guy. Odd. We'll just see how it plays out from here.

Back to the first teetotaler, I had to text him yesterday and ask him to delete my phone number from his phone. I said that I had gotten so many pocket-dialed calls and hangup calls (like one short ring - not me answering it) from him, it made me very uncomfortable. He immediately texted back and apologized and said he had no idea and it would not happen again.  It hasn't. That was getting really annoying. Twice in a short period yesterday when I was volunteering I got two one-ring calls from him, and I had had enough.

The whole thing is kind of exhausting, really. :) I both have lots of time to date and very little time to date. G (we're going to call him G, and not the Republican anymore, since has he really only made one Republicany statement, we can't call that a predominant flaw, hahahaha) - anyway, G and I were talking today about when we would get together again - uh, between the two of us, it's two weeks from Saturday. This is not exactly lighting the dating world on fire, haha. And him being the way he is, I can pretty safely bet that I won't hear from him again until that two weeks is pretty close to up.

It's not really what I'm looking for. :) Well, *he* would be more of what I were looking for, if I was feeling like it was a mutual thing. I think, even though my kid-schedule limits me to half-time, I'm looking for someone with a little more time.


  1. Aw, but a fun weekend at least.

    How do you pocket dial someone over and over and not know it? Weird. I would think it could happen to someone on the top of your phone list, maybe, a name that started with A...just weird.

  2. It was a very fun weekend, and I really did have a good time. It's an odd mix of both what I want and not really what I want. We'll see.

    That's why the other teetotaler freaked me out. I can't think of a way that you can accidentally dial someone again and again and again. It's either the last number you dialed, the last number that called you, or a speed dial button, etc. Or it's intentional and creepy. I shouldn't be the last number he dialed, I wasn't the last number who called him, and there is no reason for me to be on his speed dial. Thus, leaving only intentional and creepy. Blech.

  3. Okay, this is actually hysterical. I *thought* that the teetotaler and the Republican (er, "G") were ONE and the SAME!!! Yes mam, I thought I WAS paying attention!!! But how ironic that the Republican is ALSO a teetotaler. What are the ODDS?

    But glad to know that the Butt-Dialer (which is the OLD teetotaler) is getting the heave-ho. You do deserve someone who is really into you!!!

  4. Don't give up hope on G. Maybe he takes time to warm up. But if he WAS into you, he'd MAKE time to see you - you'd be all he thinks about, and the like. Hoping someone, if not G, will come along who equals you in mind, time and passion for life! =)