Friday, December 2, 2011

That Rejection Thing Cuts Both Ways, You Know

It would appear that I am not going to hear from the Republican again. Even as I call-screened a call from the Teetotaler earlier this week, I was hoping the Republican would make an appearance. (Maybe dating would go better if I stopped calling these men by silly nicknames - do you think they objected to being characterized this way??) Golly, look at us rejecting each other all over the place. :)

Ah well. When I have tried online dating in the past and felt rejected, I have reminded myself that heck, you don't even click as *friends* with most people you meet - throwing an online profile out there, the odds of clicking with someone romantically are even slimmer. Hmm, I'm rethinking my statement about not clicking as friends with most people - is that true? I'm going to say yes. I tend to have a small cluster of really great friends, and once we're bonded, it's a lifelong sort of thing. I'm not one to have ten gabillion facebook friends - instead, I have ten people I could call for bail and a ride home, hahaha.

(Here, I was looking for a picture online of this funny sign hanging inside one of the police precincts. The top half is a drawing of two stick figures carrying a couch, and it's captioned "Friends." The bottom half is of two stick figures carrying a third, passed out stick figure. It's captioned "Best Friends." Cracks me the heck up every time I see it, haha. But I couldn't find that picture online, although my search did turn up this one, which also made me laugh...)

Gosh, all this talk of alcohol and passing out this week - y'all are going to think I'm a lush. Ain't true.

On the weight loss front, I stand before you, the stupidest woman alive. Last night, I ate probably three ounces of cheddar cheese. Shortly after, I followed it with a small bowl of cereal. I was binge eating, gastric sleeve style, haha. Anyway, I hit the lactose intolerance mega-bonanza bullseye, and spent the rest of the evening sitting on the toilet while I puked into the garbage can. And the furnace was off and it was freezing. It was the height of human suffering. Well, maybe that's a slight exaggeration.

So this morning, feeling cleansed and fresh and ready to start a new day...I had two pieces of Almond Roca for breakfast. I am literally sitting here at my desk wanting to puke in my garbage can. Almost *hoping* I'll puke in the garbage can.

Foolish, foolish woman. Get thee some common sense.


  1. Yummm almond roca! Maybe not if your tummy is upset - but a good hearthy breakfast in my book. :)

  2. Gastric sleeve lactose induced anorexic? Is that an official diagnosis?

    Sorry about the Republican. Can't wait to see who gets on your radar next.

    The first time I read "clicked" I was thinking it was some online dating term...what a loser I am. Sometimes words are exactly what they seem.

    Can't wait until you come down and drink wine with me again.