Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dropping a Decade - Feels Like It, Anyway

Goodbye to the 260s, 250s, 240s, 230s, 220s, 210s, 200s, 190s, 180s, 170s, 160s!!!!

Hello, 150s! I hope my stay here is brief. :) And OH, how nice it is to be able to say, "I have less than 20 pounds to lose!"*

*Qualified statement, because I have to tell you, the closer I get to goal, the more I'm already planning on pushing that goal number lower. But for right now...the focus is still on that normal BMI!

This, truly, is the first time in my life that I have *lost* weight over Thanksgiving weekend, haha. But, as I told my parents at the dinner table, the stomach may be smaller, but the urge to eat until you're overstuffed is the same. I couldn't get much food in, but I was just as uncomfortable as everyone else after the meal. Oops - continued effort required to avoid the urge to overeat!

Let's play bloggie catchup, shall we? I'll sit here and prattle off any thoughts that come to mind about the last week or so, and I'll try to spin them into some cogent and/or relative sentences...

- Thanksgiving was lovely. We did the big dinner on Sunday at my parents' since my ex had the kids on Thanksgiving day. The selfish mama side of me is glad that all the kids call dinner at my parents' "real Thanksgiving" and my older two said they were glad they would be with me next Thanksgiving.

- Actual Thanksgiving was quiet - I went, alone, to my parents' for a small dinner and hung out for a few hours. My mom held me hostage downloading CDs to her iPod and tinkering on their computer network and such. We had a very good time. :) I don't get a lot of quiet time with my parents without the kids around, so it's always fun.

- How much did I tell you about the two men? I decided not to see one again and have seen the other a few more times since. Dating is fun! Stressful, but fun. This is my kid-free weekend coming up and I am hoping to see him again. I am also contemplating putting my online profile back up, because of the dating is fun part, haha. The guy I decided not to see again, well, I just decided I wasn't interested. And I'm just going to say it, and even though you don't know me in person, you're just going to have to accept that I am neither shallow nor an alcoholic. I am not seeing him again, in part, because he does not drink.

See, now you think I'm all shallow, or have a problem. (whispered quietly with concerned tones) :) No, that's not it. But if you've followed the blog at all, you know that I enjoy me some fine wine. Cocktails with friends. Beers and bowling. I don't drink often, but it is part and parcel to leisure time for me. I don't care if other people drink or not!

But what does ring alarm bells for me is that being one of the first questions you ask a potential date. And then follow it up with "But you don't *have* to drink, right?" or something along those lines, as he did. Because that tells me that you're not in the category of SUPER-LUCKY-ME-IT'S-A-DESIGNATED-DRIVER-DATE! You're in the worried, baleful, exasperated expressions, "oh look, you're drinking again" camp. And honestly, that wouldn't mesh well with me or my friend-cluster at all.

There is one member of my very small group of friends who does not drink at all. Ever. You would never even know it. We drink, he doesn't, we all have a wonderful time. This is the sort of tee-totaller that I can happily work with.

Oh, the other reason I've excluded him is because he left me five butt-dialed voice mails on Thursday. And two on Friday. I'm as prone to electronic faux pas as anyone, but I found that rather exasperating. And the domestic violence volunteer in me was just a teensy bit prickled by the oddity of that many "accidental" calls.

And finally, I just wasn't feeling it. :) That's the big reason. I can make all kinds of concessions for someone that I care about (friends) or am interested in (dates). This guy I have seen a few times? He's a Republican. (whispered quietly with concerned tones). See, I'm all about national unity. And, for the record, I have completely left that part out of my description of this fellow to my "real life" girlfriends, because I just don't have the chutzpah to say it out loud yet.

- That was a long digression. I had an ultrasound yesterday in prep for the NovaSure uterine ablation I am planning. U/S tech said all looks well. I expect to hear from the doctor in the next day or two, then schedule a consult with another doctor in the same practice to go over the procedure and book it (my GYN no longer does surgical procedures, and since I am made of money and available paid time off to go in for an endless series of appointments with doctors who *can* do the job, well, sign me up for as many consults as you can. No, really, it's my pleasure.)

Oops, getting cranky there again. :)

- Ahh, I think that's all I've got for today. It's a lot, really! New set of digits on the scale, quality family time, political scandals, romance, intrigue, medical drama...why, this blog entry just touches on so many levels, haha.


  1. Define "drinking often"...haha.

    Good choice, I happen to know two other very nice Republicans, they live in my house:)

  2. Hahaha, phhhbbblllltttt.

    "Don't drink often," (Webster's definition)...okay, these days I go out with my friends for a fun evening every two or three weeks - ugh, finances have robbed me of the typical weekly adventures - and when I go out, I have two or three glasses of wine. Although I am finding the smaller I gets, the less wine I can take in, so I'm more on the one or two glasses side than the 2-3 glasses side! Ergo, ipso facto, I "don't drink often!" :) But when I do, dammit, let me enjoy it in peace!

    Ah yes, I knew you were harboring Republicans! I have several within my fold, as well.

  3. Love the reason to exclude him...I mean if your going to be Republican I can let that slide if you drink....but not drinking and Republican puts you in the exclude from the fun group. :) he he he - I kid.

  4. You are doing so awesome with your weight loss...CONGRATS!!! I'm not a big drinker but I certainly do not judge those who do, and now that I'm one year post-op I've definitely indulged on more than one occassion. However the Republican thing, well, yeah that would probably be the deal-breaker for me. lol

  5. Congrats with your weight loss!! =)

    And, yeah I agree with you on your decision to boot the one guy!