Sunday, December 18, 2011

Weekend Update

Well, I had an u/s on my gallbladder, and happily, they did not see any stones in there at all! Does not explain the pain, which diminished on Friday and has lessened every day since, although it is still fairly sore. I guess I will follow-up with my doctor this week! I have heard that the gallbladder can be blocked but not have stones - I know there is an additional test they can do to check its function. But I don't have any of the "classic" symptoms of gallbladder issues, either. We'll see. This is not the first time I've experienced this weirdness. The last time was months ago and when it stopped hurting, it stopped hurting for good. Hopefully that will be the case again!

It was a very nice weekend. I spent the bulk of it with my new friend, the Capricorn. :) We have been having a good time together: several different restaurants, a bookstore, a funky thrift shop, watching TV at my place. Good news - one of my all-time favorite shows, Arrested Development, is also one of his favorites! This speaks highly of his good character, haha. Last night, we were going to a place for drinks that is quite close to where my BFF lives. I suggested we invite her to join us - he was totally on board, which was nice. She was able to meet us, and after spending a couple hours with us, she gave him the green light, haha. Agrees that he seems like a really good guy, rings no alarm bells for her, would be a welcome addition to hanging out with "the family" (my little close knit group of friends). It was a good evening.

I am at 155 now - only 15 pounds off my goal weight! Super, super cool. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make all this loose skin tighten up! Incidentally, I have not told the Capricorn about my surgery, but I have been on the cusp a couple times. All this eating together we've been doing, he has definitely noticed and commented on how little I eat. But the timing hasn't felt right to say anything. Laugh, but last night after having a little too much to drink, I did spout off that I was getting my tubes tied next month, hahaha. I guess I have very selective filters. :)


  1. So glad your pain has gone away.
    Fun weekend, wow! You were busy.

  2. YAY, that is great that the pain is going away and may actually NOT be gallbladder related! And so happy that your "family" approves of the Capricorn.