Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Whole 'Nutha Level of Cheating

I am so slammed at work and home this week, getting ready for my surgery on 1/11. Remind me to come back and tell you how my request for donated leave (from friends!!) was denied by HR because it was deemed "elective surgery." Grr. I am confident that decision will be reversed shortly, but for many reasons, it really had me fuming yesterday. More later. Ask me what I think of my HR director and staff tucked away in their office, musing about the merits of my weight loss surgery and whether or not I should just "buck up" and go on a diet. ARRRRRRRRRRGHHHH! Not cool. I was trying to think of a more personal issue that would have to be presented to HR for them to evaluate and scrutinize, and I decided this is one of the most personal issues I could come up with, besides sex-change operation and HIV. Uh, leave me alone, HR, there's nothing that says you get to evaluate the merits of the nature of my medical leave in order to receive sick leave donations. The requirement is "certification from a medical provider."

Anyway, quick update: all is well, everything is moving forward nicely to my surgery on Tuesday. Just busy! Trying to leave my desk in good shape.

The main point of my post right now is that I let myself get over-hungry today and didn't have a cold shake to drink. So I "cheated" on my pre-op liquid diet and bought a hard boiled egg. Believe me when I say that a plain hard-boiled egg represents a whole new level of cheating for me, haha.


  1. How weird that one of my goals this year is to eat a hard boiled egg every day and for you it was cheating today! That's why I love your blog so much, a peek into a whole different world.
    And, Tuesday, wow, less than a week away. So excited for you!

  2. That is too funny. Yep, you are mentally getting ready if the hard-boiled egg was your cheat. Sorry your HR is being so awful. It sounds like what they are doing is illegal...too bad I'm not a lawyer. Good luck I hope they approve the time off. Ugh!