Saturday, January 15, 2011

Loser (in the most positive sense of the word!!)

They weighed me right before surgery: 255 lbs. My starting weight is 263 pounds, before I started the two-week liquid diet. This morning, I clocked in at 248 pounds! Wahhooo!! I'll add a little weight loss ticker to the blog site. I am very impressed with my loss thus far. I am living in sweats and t-shirts and I think I'm a little worn out looking from the surgery, so I don't see the weight loss. In time, dear, in time.

One of the most surprising things following surgery : The extent that you really cannot eat or drink. Yipes! I completely overpacked to go to my friend's, I brought a jar of Unjury chicken soup flavor mix, a jar of Muscle Milk Light powder, eight ready-to-drink protein shakes. I had her pick me up a box of sugar free popsicles and a half gallon of vanilla soy milk.

The first day I ate a popsicle, and I worked on the same 16 oz glass of Crystal light for two days. Oh my! Do you EVER have to take super small sips!! I have an advantage in that I am already a really slow eater, always have been. But when my friend and I were chatting, I thoughtlessly took a regular sized drink, and WOW, did I pay!! Tennis ball in the gut feeling. Feeling like I was going to puke. Feeling like I WANTED to puke.

I haven't puked, by the way. I do think I screwed up my vision by touching the anti-nausea sticker behind my ear and then my eyes. They warned me doing so would dilate my eyes, and for a long time. I'm not sure if that's what's happened, but I suspect it is. At any rate, my vision is...funny...right now. Not bad, not good, just weird. Things look fuzzy that shouldn't.

Today I've eaten three popsicles, probably a few ounces of a decaf tea and soymilk I got from SBUX, and a few ounces of chicken broth. With each, I have found that I have over-stuffed myself to the point of being uncomfortable. And I'm not wolfing it down, believe me!! It's all about pacing and tiny sips. I'll get the hang of it. Tomorrow I will focus on protein shakes. My protein intake today has been negligible, and the surgeon said that was okay, but it's important to work it back into my diet.

Another thing that surprised me: HUNGER. Oops! Well, how couldn't you be hungry after not eating for several days? I am quickly satisfied, but the hunger comes back in quickly, too. And oh, yes, when my friend had her afternoon snack of chips and salsa both days, did I EVER want to dive into them, too! We've decided that salsa qualifies as a soft food, so I'll be working on incorporating it back into my diet in a couple weeks. But no, the surgery did not turn me into a robot who does not experience hunger. :) At least what I've wanted has been good stuff: salsa, or when she talked about dinner for tonight (french dip with au jus and salad, yum) my tastebuds were totally turned on. On our way back to my house, we stopped at the store and bought me au jus mix so I can have my own little yummy broth sometime.

Erg, I did also mix a pack of unflavored protein into two small cans of spicy V-8 and work on it that first day at my friend's. Hmm. I'm not a giant fan of V-8, anyway. The protein powder thickened it but didn't alter the taste too much. I worked on it all day and have probably burned myself out on V-8 for awhile.

Bit by bit, it will all work out! I am feeling really good, I think I look good and healthy (my color is right, and such). I am looking forward to my weight loss surgery support group next week. Tomorrow, I'll work on my protein intake, and maybe drive up to the mall to walk around. I am dutifully checking in with my parents at least once a day. :)


  1. Woo hoo on the weight loss! And just FYI, my vision was blurry for about a week post-op. It scared me, and I mentioned it to my dr. and he said, normal, caused by anethesia and will eventually go away (he was right!)

    Keep sipping and resting!

  2. Sheila, thank you so much for the heads up! The vision thing has been a bit alarming! I kept thinking, ok, I know I got that stuff in my eyes, but my distance vision isn't right, either. Was planning a call to the doctor tomorrow. This definitely made me feel better!

  3. I know, right? No one talks about surgery affecting your vision, so that sort of threw me for a loop. I would still ask just so they can give you their version, but I am thinking it will eventually go away.