Monday, January 17, 2011

Finding the Sweet Spot

Would you BELIEVE that I have lost 21 pounds since the day I started my pre-op surgery diet? And thirteen since the morning of the surgery, not quite a week ago? A-may-zing.

But let me tell you how it's happening. I can't hardly eat drink a darn thing. My guide says to drink 2 oz every fifteen minutes, and let me tell you, this is a lofty goal. I am doing well, though, and my pee is the right color, so I think I'm fine. Although I had some blood drawn today (the two week check following an iron infusion) and the nurse did ask me if I had been drinking enough fluid.

Today I took in more than I did yesterday. I bought a cup of chicken noodle soup from Panera and asked them to just give me broth. I drank it all. I drank half-ish a protein shake, several ounces of a smoothie, another four ounces of chicken broth tonight, a few ounces of water at my dr. appt, and I think that's it. I feel fine, I look good. Again, tomorrow, I will focus on getting in more fluid.

Here's my problem. I'm having a hard time finding the sweet spot. It is very easy to get over-full, and that hurts. And makes me paranoid about ripping out my staples. I abused the cup of soup tonight - too many sips in too short a time period, and I was concerned about the stomachache I gave myself. I am not in pain, though, and the pain passes quickly into just over-fullness. I just need to learn to find that sweet spot of taking in liquid without hurting myself. It's tough, because the amount of liquid I can take in is really pretty laughable. I feel like I should be feeding myself out of an eyedropper! :)

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