Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm Soooo Normal...

Got a call from the hematologist, who has given me the four (five? No, I think four) iron IV infusions and four weeks of mega-dosing vitamin D. My iron and vitamin D levels are all normal now, yay! I didn't talk to the nurse, so I don't know what defines "normal." I've been tracking those ferritin levels pretty closely, so I understand the numbers a bit. Same with the vitamin D, although he's only tested it once: before the prescription, and now after.

I've been told to come back in a month and get my blood tested again, so he can see how I do without supplements. I'm not to take any iron/vit D supplements in the meantime. This will be interesting!

If my levels are at the low end of normal, I'm going to beseech him to renew the Vit D script and let me take OTC iron supplements. I can get some decent chewables online at Celebrate Vitamins. I maintain that it would be quite nice to see what a mid-range normal feels like for a change, since all my levels have been floundering outside the bottom end of the range. What if, with mid-normal levels, I'm actually Superwoman?? I'm missing my calling!!

Anyway, that's good news! It's been several months of trying to get these levels on track.

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