Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Is Nothing Sacred? (Post-Op Belly Pics)

You will find that I have very few filters or boundaries when it comes to sharing my own life. Oops! At least you can plan for it. (I'm more respectful of others', acknowledging that most aren't as open-bookish as me, hehe.)

When I was planning/prepping for surgery, I wondered what exactly five laproscopic incisions entailed.
T'weren't nothing!! They are just little bitty. Here is my belly, one week post-op. I had five incisions and one red-mark bruisy thing that is not an incision. You'll see that I still have steri-strips on two incisions, the others already fell off.

The biggest incision, with its odd dimpling, is where they ew, extracted my stomach, ew. The surgeon said the dimpling will go away. I am stuck with the stretch marks and that other big scar below my belly button, which is the remnant of a back surgery in 2004. I have a matching scar on my back, haha!

Can you even count five incisions? They are tiny. And already nearly healed. The *only* one that has caused me any pain is the biggest, by my belly button. The bruisy one on my side (which required the artful photography set up) - I can't even feel, and I forget all about it. I only found it tonight because I was looking for the fifth!

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