Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Before Pictures - Oh Yes, I Have Them...

The day before my surgery - my birthday, actually - I had my daughter take a range of before pictures so I can see how my body changes over the coming months. Scary! Well, let me tell you two things:
1. I was so nervous about the surgery. Until I saw the pictures, then I was like, BRING IT ON!
2. My swimsuit is one of those ultra-tight "Take 10 Pounds Off You" suits. I was afraid it would distort my true body shape. Uh, I think you get the idea.
And a *BONUS* item!
3. My body is 90% boobs and belly. Will I have a butt at all after this?

Hmm, I am off work another week...I am thinking of doing something with my hair!


  1. You are SO brave! I have some awful before shots too, but I can't bear the thought of sharing until I have some good "after" shots to follow. lol. I am cracking up at the butt comment. :-)

  2. LOL! Here was my logic: I wear this when I take the kids swimming - it is painful, but site appropriate. I was reluctant to post the 'before' pictures, too, but I thought, what the heck - where is a more appropriate place for me to post pictures of myself at the start of the journey? :)

    That way, when I start having cool 'after' pictures to post, I won't first have to recover from the shock of posting the 'before' pics, haha! :)