Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Kicky New 'Do!

So, I've been mulling over a major change to my hair. I don't mind making big changes to my hair, and it has been due for awhile. Plus, from all I've heard, at about three months post-op, your hair starts thinning. I read online that long and straight is the worst style for thinning hair, so I thought I may as well make a change now!

I stopped in a salon near my parents' about 30 miles away. I just wanted a cool new haircut and I wanted it tonight. Had no intention of forming a relationship with a new stylist (since I've been wearing my hair long and straight, I just stop in at Hair Masters or wherever for a trim). Of course, I adored the stylist and the cut, so now I'm on the hook to drive 30 miles to get my hair cut, doh!


Here was the picture, taken earlier today by a friend, that made me think..."hmm, yes, today is a good day for a hair cut!"


  1. It really looks fantastic. Makes me want to rethink my longer hair...

  2. LOVE IT! Cute style that really frames your face nicely.