Friday, January 28, 2011

Sooner than I Expected - "Oh, I Didn't Recognize You!"

Laugh, I wasn't expecting this so soon - but it was fun, anyway. A coworker (from another floor) walked right by me and I called out hello. "OH MY GOSH," she said. "I didn't recognize you!" She immediately fussed over my hair and discreetly pulled me aside to comment on my weight loss.

Funny! This is no casual acquaintance, either...she and I worked together very closely for a couple years. I'll chalk it up mostly to the hair (besides the 6-8" inches I lopped off, everyone's been commenting on the "new" color of my hair, which is the same that I've been doing for months), but it's fun to think my body is already changing. Also, a coworker pointed out that my inner diva is already coming out, haha. She says she's always known I'm PLENTY sassy, but thinks others will be surprised. I dunno, I've never been much of a wallflower.

We were discussing this in the context of me musing about whether my (male) coworker can sue me for sexual harrassment since I've told him the hallway between our cubes is my runway, and catcalls are appropriate and appreciated. ;) My friend says that it's his word against mine, and thus far, anyway, he's been quite obliging.


  1. Remember, sexual harassment is unwanted "advances, etc.". Sounds like you want it and so does he, since he's obliging.

  2. Oh, I defy him to sue me. :) He's Mr. GC/weight lifter, the (men and) women in our office spend 25% of the day telling him how beautiful he is - I'm just demanding reciprocity now, haha. ;)