Wednesday, February 29, 2012

For Holly - A Sea of Men (edited: forgot one!)

Alrighty, Miss Holly, here's a brief reconstruction of the onslaught of men since I started dating in earnest last November-ish. I think they all appeared, albeit briefly, on the blog:

- Boeing. Met him online, had coffee at SBUX once. Nice guy. It was just before Thanksgiving. We never got off the ground (pun intended, haha) because I met the next fellow that same evening, and I saw him for a few weeks. Boeing kept "butt-dialing" me, though, leaving voice mails that sounded like his phone was in his pocket, or just one-ring calls. He was interested in me and trying to get me to call back, I think, because he was also leaving me voice mails. I eventually texted him and asked him to delete my number because of all the ridiculous "accidental" calls. I never heard from him again.
-The Republican. I met him at a singles function the same night I met Boeing. It was at a comedy club, and The Republican was sitting next to me. We were laughing and joking and exchanged numbers. I saw him for a few weeks. He was awfully geeky, though. Very big time HAM radio operator and emergency response stuff. We just sort of fizzled out.
- Cappy. I met Cappy online, too, at the beginning of December. He wasn't my type, but his emails cracked me up and I was happy to meet him. We had a romantic-ish relationship for a brief time, but that fizzled, too. But I have spent the bulk of my kid-free time with him since meeting him in December. We are good friends with no romantic connection.
- Goofball. Did I blog about him? He was a nice guy, an aerospace engineer. Oh yes, the odd texts about the chocolate and strawberries!! I blogged about him...
- When Cappy and I fizzled, I met Navy online. Oy, that was a creepy one, because he seemed GREAT, then turned out to be a control freak. That was very short-lived.
- After Navy was The Body. And I think that's where you came in. :)
- I went out with Sparky for the first time on Sunday - I met him online, too. He seems very promising. As I said earlier, he has had numerous opportunities to screw it up since we started talking, and hasn't, nor has he seemed close to doing so, haha.


  1. Hahaha, I said since mid-November....

  2. Ooooh, handy little chart there missy! I think I missed the part about you and Cappy fizzing romantically, but you set me straight about that. :) Remember when I was so confused? LOL!

  3. oooo thanks!! Wow this was so exciting to see. I love the timeline. Makes it much easier now to follow. I'm thrilled to be living vicariously through you. I have to say you've had far more luck already than anyone I know with online dating b/c you've actually met more than 2 of them in real life! I will immediately print this out for future reference ROFL!! But now I want to know...did you go get chinese food with the new guy?