Saturday, February 11, 2012


Holy crap. What a difference a day makes.

So, as I said yesterday, I had a man-packed weekend on the agenda. I spent Wednesday evening with Cappy, Thursday evening I met Navy for a great first date. Last night I spent the evening with Cappy, and was scheduled to spend the day with Navy today (and plans with Cappy tomorrow). It was quite the equitably divided weekend, haha.

Yesterday, Navy called in the late afternoon and I told him I was going out with a friend. Here, yes, I admit I lied - I did not tell him about Cappy. Since Cappy and I are not "dating," per se, at this time, I just figured, eh, I don't owe anyone an explanation. For the record, Cappy does know that I intended to start dating again. While he and I have a wonderful time together, and I do positively adore him - either the time is not right for us or it is not right for us, period. This is due to issues on his end - we have talked openly and a lot about it. It is not really what I want, but I've been clear that while I love to see him as a friend, I want more, and if he is not going to be a boyfriend, then I am going to continue looking.

Okay. So last night I talked to Navy, again, shortly before Cappy picked me up. Everything still seemed fine, although by know my instincts were prickling a bit. I thought maybe Navy was a bit hurt that I was going out, a little strange but oh well. Cappy picks me up, we go to the the (highly stressful) underground dance club, which turned out to be a BLAST (Cappy has never steered me wrong, but as we were waiting to get into this place for almost an hour last night - I'll admit, he was completely trying my patience and I was having a hard time maintaining a positive attitude. But then, of course, it was a blast, as I had known it would be.).

As we're waiting in line, I notice Navy has texted a couple times. Hmm. I tell him my cell phone battery is dying and I'll talk to him to tomorrow. He calls. I let it go to voice mail. He calls again a few minutes later. Again, I let it go to voice mail.

From 9 pm onward, this guy texts me twenty-one times, and calls me five times.

  • R U downtown?
  • Still want a pic
  • Eric Clapton change the world
  • Wear r u?
  • R u downtown?
  • R u downtown?
  • Give me a call
  • Hey hi
  • Hey
  • Call me when u r going home
  • R u back home
  • R u out
  • If I were a king
  • Honey? 
  • Hey u
  • Army Navy game
  • And then
  • Scary
  • R u home
  • R u there?
The first one was at 9 pm, and the last was at 1:23 am, about the time I walked in the door. At 1:45 am, I texted him,
  • Navy, you have freaked me out tonight with all these calls and texts. We just met last night, this is way too much for me. This is not going to work out, please don't call me again.
He replies almost immediately: 
  • That's great, sorry
Then a few minutes later:
  • That's great
And a half-hour later:
  • That's nice
And an hour later, at 3:25am:
  • Sorry
  • Great, sorry
WTF???? WTF????

It's 9:15 am now, and I don't doubt that I'll hear from him today. I was so freaked out last night, I almost had Cappy come back and stay with me. While we were out at the club, I told him about my date the night before and how this guy was BLOWING UP MY PHONE with freaky-ass texts and calls. At that point, I was freaking out - I was fucking pissed. 

By the time Cappy dropped me off, I was pretty irritated with this whole man-mess I've created. I am totally smitten with Cappy, but this friend thing does not work for me. I wish it did, because I just enjoy the hell out of being with him. Anyway, it was maybe not the time of best judgment, because I was *really* pissed at Navy, and I had had a few drinks over the course of the very long evening. Cappy had not drank at all, so there may have been a difference in clarity between us. :) Nonetheless, when he dropped me off, I gave him a hug and told him to call me if/when he is ever ready to date for real. He was so shocked - I was too, kind of. 

It would have been a sendoff straight out of the movies, but then I got into my dark house alone and my phone was still blowing up and I called Cappy. I wanted to text Navy to tell him to leave me alone, but I wanted someone to know. Navy doesn't know where I live, as far as I know, but he does know my full name, and I did see a few weeks ago that my name and address are listed on one of those stupid white pages sites - I have no idea how this happened. I unregistered - hopefully it's gone by now. But I gave myself a good dose of the willies last night. Poor Cappy and Kim, I forwarded them Navy's information, photo and pictures of the bazillion texts. Cappy was FURIOUS and wanted to call Navy but I told him no. I think that would just make a bad situation worse.

Anyway - so that's how my man-packed weekend blew up, and instead, I plan on laying around reading. :) I am not sure how I'll leave things with Cappy. I think I followed my instincts and it's the best thing to do, but omg, I will miss him hella bad if I don't see him.

Big sigh.


  1. Oh dear, I was afraid of something like this happening. Remember the Seinfeld when they think that dating a woman should be 2 men for every woman, because women are so demanding? Well, yeah, notsomuch...especially when you are dealing with Mr. Freaky himself (aka Navy). I think he is a little bit scary, so I'm hoping he chalks it up to a loss and moves on. Actually I'm praying he does that. So (sorry just need clarification) you are interested in Cappy being the main man but he isn't and just wants to hang out as friends? Sorry if that is too personal, you don't have to answer it. Hang in there Julie, I hope the rest of your weekend went better than Fri. night. Hugs.

  2. I'm so confused. Navy's texts were so weird. When you tell him to get lost, he texts several more times saying great/sorry. Weird. Does he have amnesia and forget he already texted you?

  3. oh my gooooodness! Yea those texts are a bit much! I guess its agood thing navy guy showed how whack he was right off the bat!