Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I am on day three with no cigarettes and am happy to report that I am doing okay. Last night, when I was screaming at my children for the disaster they had created in our home, they would have disputed my definition of "doing okay." My older two have been really pushing me to quit again - my oldest son has actually threatened to destroy any cigarettes he finds (um, he would, too). Last night they probably would have ran to the store for me to buy a pack. ;)

But that's not why I'm posting. Today is date day, I am seeing Sparky for the second time. Let's pray for normalcy, shall we? Since I began talking to him and met him in person on Sunday, he has had many, many opportunities to screw it up. He has not done so at any time. :) We have talked on the phone daily, he has very sweetly texted me every morning...without barraging me with a billion and one texts by the end of the day.

He's picking me up at work this afternoon, and we're heading back to my neck of the woods for what I can only assume will be dinner and a movie. Well, I know it is dinner. And I also know that the weather is freaking craptastic out there today, so there's not a whole lot to do. I can't bowl right now, I injured my shoulder on New Year's Eve and it still hurts like a mf'er. I went to urgent care last night and had x-rays, which came back fine. The doctor said I am missing several key symptoms of a rotator cuff tear, so basically he told me to suck it up. And go to P/T.

Anyway - so probably a movie. We're getting together awfully early because of our opposite-direction commutes (he lives about 25 miles south of me, but we both work downtown Seattle). If we met up separately, most of the evening would be taken up by our commutes, so we decided to head out together after work. I parked at the Park & Ride this morning so I will be able to maintain the anonymity of my address. Because you never freaking know when you're letting crazy drive you home! I am learning, haha.

He suggested Chinese food, and I am in a bit of a dilemma. I know what he was thinking - a nice, intimate restaurant where we can sit and visit. Like with a comfy booth. There is the perfect such restaurant, oh, about 25 feet from my front door. Maybe not that close, haha. I think that's where I'll take him. It won't be crowded, it is very comfortable, the food is good, we can sit and visit. It is reasonably priced. The other place I was thinking (Wild Ginger/Bellevue Square) is really nice (well, I'm assuming - I only go to the Seattle one) but is busy and bustling and more Asian-fusion than Chinese. And a bit spendy - I hate to pick the place and go high-end right off the bat. Or maybe I should set the bar, haha.

Oh - so my dilemma was that this restaurant would be great for tonight, but I have a really big mouth. So I will have to restrain myself from hollering out, "There's my house!" Hahaha. I will not have to restrain myself from bringing him to said house, because it is a freaking disaster area (see paragraph one, above). Also, I was given a bunch of clothes recently, and am storing some stuff for a friend who moved, and right now, it is all piled up in my entry way at home. No, I will not be tempted to bring him over.

Anyway - I'm picking the locations because he has only lived in this area for seven years or so and has only been to Bellevue once or twice for work. Before I moved there a few years back, I had also only been to Bellevue once or twice, so I'm not judging. Well, maybe I'm a little judging. ;)

So, let's pray for nice and normal! He seems fantastic so far. No red flags. Very sweet. I don't think I told you - after he gave me a kiss good night on Sunday, he unconsciously brushed my hair off my face while he was talking. O.M.G. - that was sweet, and me likey.

I'll let you know. You know I'll be running the red-flag check all evening.

Oh, and when I make the distinction between Chinese and Asian fusion, or say, "hmm, I guess we'll go to a movie..." it's because I think I'm dealing with a different sort of fish than myself here. Normally, I would not think much about what type of restaurant...I'm down with whatever. And if I'm spending a rainy evening in Bellevue - well, there's an exhibit at the Bellevue Arts Museum I want to see. But I think he's much more of a meat and potatoes guy. :) He hasn't explored much of the Seattle area since moving here, except the outdoorsy stuff. When I asked him if he likes sushi: he loves all types of seafood, but no thanks on the raw fish. ;) So I think since he mentioned Chinese, we'll go traditional Chinese, not fusion. And stick to a movie. We'll see later how easily those boundaries can be stretched, haha. He seems like he'd be game for anything.

Edited to add: All the astrology sites agree that this is like the bestest pairing ever. Yeah, I went there. :) All I know is that all the sites also say me and my ex were the worst pairing under the zodiac, and that was true, too, haha.


  1. So wait a minute. The Body is in jail but now there's a Sparky? And just exactly who is Cappy? But Sparky came before the Body? I have to go back and read the archives and then create a timeline lol. You are a dating machine! I bow to your powers. Wow I'm just so excited because I didn't realize after the last incident there would be another date to read about so soon!I was all bummed out because I thought Survivor was the only exciting thing going on tonight! I can't wait to hear all about it!

  2. Hahaha, yes, I just did a reconstructed timeline for you. I've dated, very briefly in most cases, six men since mid-November. In order:

    - Boeing (just once)
    - The Republican (for a few weeks)
    - Cappy (I still see him regularly and he has been a fixture in my life since we met in early December, but it is not a romantic connection)
    - Navy (just once, this one was freaky)
    - The Body (he was fun, except, you know, for the jail part and all the other red flags, haha)
    - Sparky (I saw him on Sunday and am seeing him tonight)