Monday, February 6, 2012

Bloggy Buddies

Hey - I met my first bloggy buddy, and one of my earliest and bestest blog friends: Jen at Runner...Maybe? Jen and I are actually pretty darn close to neighbors, living just 10-15 minutes apart. Jen was super-kind enough to pass on a couple of nice coats that she had shrunken out of, and my daughter will make good use of them, I think. Thanks Jen!

I assured Jen when we met that I would not leave without a picture. :)
Besides being just the cutest thing ever, Jen also has the cutest daughter ever (I didn't meet her, I just love the personality and zest in all her pics).

After meeting up and chatting with Jen easily and happily, I told her I wished that dating could be so easy. :) I had a blah-to-odd date last week with a man that I initially thought I'd go out with one more time to see if it improved. Then he sent me a couple odd-ball texts, which I will quote here for your amusement:

(immediately after date)
"Thanks for the fun date, you sexy beast, lol! I'm going wild, buying peanut butter blended with cinnamon and raisins!" (we had eaten at a restaurant right next to a grocery store)

(next day)
"Well, I'd love to go out with you again, you're the short smart sexy girl next door with an unfiltered wit and firmly tied tubes - all good things! As opposed to a firmly tied wit and unfiltered tubes...we can cuddle on the sofa and watch one of your "gritty" TV shows...and eat fresh strawberries dipped in melted dark chocolate!"

Erg. Did I mention we had only gone out once, for dinner for an hour? Anyway, how did I end up telling this guy I had my tubes tied? Not something I would normally share, except, oh, with the Internet, of course. But his odd little texts were like him...very nice, a little odd, a little too *something* for me to be interested.

But chatting with Jen was loads of fun and none of the "eek, this is a little strange" that I had on the date a few days earlier. Am very much looking forward to seeing her again! Maybe we'll cuddle on the sofa and eat chocolate-covered strawberries!

Kidding!! Thanks again, Jen, you are awesome!

Oh! I should say that Jen is one of my earliest blog friends because Kim at 23imaginaryfriends demanded it be so. :) Kim was an early reader of Jen's blog and just adored her, so she commanded suggested that I start reading it, as well. Jen has had an incredible journey of fabulous weight loss success through a feigned forced cultivated love of running. And, as usual, Kim was right, I loved Jen's blog and always enjoy her insight and adventures, although I have not yet been moved to run, myself. :)


  1. what a terrible picture of us!! or I should say of me!!! Next time I will put on make up before I leave the house. It was great to chat with you and finally meet in person. :) We should do it again!!!

    OMG those texts are HIGHlarious! Seriously.....talkinga bout your tubes and wit in the same sex! Sounds like a keeper or at least an attempt at a second date!

  2. Oh boy, move on to the next guy.

    I want to date Jen too...

    mark your calendar for the last weekend in June to come watch her and me (me and her?) run the RNR Seattle Half...

  3. Wow that guy has skills landing the ladies LOL Weirdo!